Day: May 21, 2012

Barack Obama At Joplin, Missouri High School Graduation: Salute To A Courageous City!

President Obama gave the commencement address this evening at Joplin, Missouri High School, held at the Missouri Southern State University campus, one year minus one day after the disastrous tornado that hit that Southwest Missouri city of 50,000 on May 22, 2011, a short time after graduation at the high school of the Class of 2011.

Thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses were destroyed, and 161 citizens lost their lives in the worst tornado to hit the nation since 1950.

Obama came to honor the city for its heroic recovery, and to emphasize that when people work together, and overcome their differences for the betterment of the entire community, that no obstacle stands in the way of progress.

Obama honored individuals who overcame adversity, added some humor to his speech, and showed the city what he is best known for, his empathy and sincere concern for the welfare of those less fortunate.

This trait in Barack Obama will be the magical factor, along with his likability, that will re-elect him to a second term in the White House, and it is possible that in a state, Missouri, which John McCain won by a few thousand votes in 2008, that the President might just carry the state this time. It certainly is in play, and don’t count Obama out!

Grade Level Speaking Ability Of Congressional Members Declining! Sign Of The Deterioration Of Discourse!

An analysis of the discourse that goes on in Congress reveals that the grade level speaking ability of members of Congress, as an average, has declined since the coming of Tea Party Republicans to the House of Representatives, and dramatically lower than it was seven years ago, in 2005.

In 2005, the average member of Congress was rated 11.5, a junior level in high school, while now it is 10.6, a sophomoric level, one full grade lower!

The ten lowest ranked members of Congress are all Republicans, with eight of them being Tea Party Republicans, including two Tea Party Senators.

Interestingly, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was rated the second lowest Senator in speaking ability, with an 8.6 score, and is a demonstration of what Wisconsin lost in allowing Johnson to win over former Senator Russ Feingold, long considered one of the most brilliant members of the Senate, in the Congressional elections of 2010.

Also, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, also elected in 2010, was the lowest in score of all Senators, with an 8.0, and this guy wants to run for President? This is the same person who is an eye doctor by profession, but not certified by the national organization, but instead formed his own optometric association and certified himself! Give me a break!

Just as a point of information, the two highest ranked Senators in speaking ability were Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka with a score of 14.2, and Maine Senator Olympia Snowe with a score of 14.0. The sad part is that both these Senators are leaving at the end of the year, not seeking re-election!

So the whole point of the Senate, and even the House of Representatives, supposedly being “the best among us”, people who have the distinction to serve as our representatives in both houses of Congress, is under scrutiny, and only adds to the low public opinion rating that Congress has, most recently 13 percent!

Congress has become a disgrace, and particularly so with the Republican Party membership!