Day: May 3, 2012

Ironic Turn Of Events: British Prime Minister David Cameron Endorses Gay Marriage Rights While Billy Graham Promotes A North Carolina Ban!

It is extremely ironic that we find out that British Prime Minister David Cameron has endorsed gay marriage, although not requiring churches to administer them, while the revered Reverend Billy Graham, now 93 years old, did not have the courage and guts to defy many Christian haters of gays, including his own son, Franklin Graham, and endorsed a ban on gay marriage in the North Carolina Constitution in a vote coming this November.

Why is it that the British and other Europeans, and Israel as well, have no issue with gays,while America is so uptight and regressive on this human rights issue? And why does a Conservative Prime Minister endorse gay rights, while conservatives in America bitterly oppose them?

And one must keep in mind that Billy Graham, as revered as he is, has now come out as favoring discrimination against gays, but if one looks at his career, we know that he also has been very anti Semitic, including on the Richard Nixon Watergate tapes, and was not a leader in promoting African American civil rights in the 1960s.

So in a way, Billy Graham is just following his forgotten belief in prejudice, hate, and discrimination in his old age, instead of being a statesman, and helping to promote unity and tolerance in the future! What a disgrace!

Gay Republican Zach Wyatt Courageously “Comes Out” Against Hateful Missouri Legislation!

The anti gay sentiment spreading through the Republican Party nationally finally convinced a Missouri Republican state legislator, Zach Wyatt, to condemn a bill being promoted in the Missouri state legislature that would ban any discussion in any classroom about gays and lesbians, including even the idea of fighting bullying.

This despicable legislation was courageously opposed by Wyatt, who also decided it was time to be honest to himself, and admit to the world that he was gay.

What a testimonial to courage and conviction, and it makes one wonder why so many gay Republicans, and there are plenty of them, do not speak out and fight against discrimination!

It is well known that there are many gay people who work for state legislatures and for members of Congress, and the question is how they can remain silent and only think about advancement of their careers!

It is also amazing that politicians themselves have no problem, in most situations, to the hiring of gay people, and yet they use gays and lesbians as an excuse to promote an anti gay agenda!

What is it about these political leaders and their staff members, that they exploit an issue and overlook discrimination and hate, simply to advance their own careers?

At least for now, let everyone applaud Zach Wyatt of Missouri for doing the right thing, and hopefully, helping young people tormented by guilt over their sexual orientation!

Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman And The American “Depression” Solution: An Activist Government!

Paul Krugman, the winner of the Nobel Economics Prize, columnist for the New York Times, and Professor at Princeton University, has written a new book about how to deal with the American “Depression”, as he calls the Great Recession.

Just suggesting that we are going through a depression is a stunning statement, but Krugman, despite attacks from conservatives, Republicans, and Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his libertarian views, is correct in stating that austerity, being pursued in Great Britain and elsewhere in Europe in a way that has led to a worsening economic condition throughout the continent, is absolutely the wrong thing to do at this time.

The time for cutting spending is when there is a booming economy, not an economy with millions of people unemployed, and attempts being made to cut back the social safety net for desperate people. As Krugman writes, it is John Maynard Keynes, whose ideas helped Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression, who needs to be followed today.

After all, even Richard Nixon said he was a Keynesian when he decided to impose wage and price controls in the 1970s, and it was Keynesian ideas that helped Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan during the two worse economic downturns in the 1970s and 1980s since the end of the Great Depression until those time periods!

So Krugman advocates much more government intervention and spending than Barack Obama was able to get through Congress in 2009, and argues that had more been done then and since, our economic condition would be far better than it is now.

There may be skeptics, and certainly Ron Paul supporters live in their own parallel universe, but Paul Krugman needs to be listened to, and followed, hopefully, by a Democratic controlled Congress in 2013 and after!

The Anti Gay Republican Party And Its Religious Allies: A Disgrace To American Values!

The Republican Party is making clear that it has an anti gay agenda, with very few Republicans willing to condemn the hate and prejudice that is being espoused by religious Right pastors, and by social conservatives who are doing everything they can to undermine any possibility of fair treatment of gays and lesbians.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council have succeeded in forcing Mitt Romney to fire a gay adviser, and it seems clear that Romney will not stand up to these religious bigots.

Instead, elements of the Catholic Church, and evangelical Christians are acting in a way that Jesus Christ would not approve. So we have Joel Osteen, who seemed inclusive when he first became noticed on the national scene from his mega church in Houston, who shows no open mindedness at all toward gays, disillusioning many who thought he had a more tolerant approach; and we have Pastor Sean Harris of The Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, who went on a rant against gays in a sermon last week, and advocated violence against any boy who showed a “limp wrist”, or any girl who acted “butch”. What was even more shocking is how his congregation laughed when he spoke of smacking children, and many seemed to agree with his hateful tirade. Harris apologized, but he lied about what he had said, which was taped. What kind of a religious leader can lie openly and be believed?

Christianity in America is being poisoned and polluted by people who claim to be “good Christians”, but have no problem in advocating violence, hate, prejudice, discrimination, ostracism, and more!

The Republican Party should be ashamed for allowing itself to become captive of these hateful peddlers of a faith that some of them even wish to deny that Jesus was Jewish. Anti semitism, anti black, anti gay, anti immigrant,and anti women views have become common among many elements of Christianity, thankfully not all, but much more prevalent than many want to admit!

Mitt Romney, showing no guts or courage, needs to be walloped on Election Day, or else the dangers of militant, extremist Christianity spreading to national policy are increased, and his party needs to get the message of defeat as well in Congress, that the good people in America are not going to allow their despicable agenda to be advanced, and instead to be clearly repudiated!

Dan Rather Memoir Worthy Reading For Anyone Who Is Journalism “Addict”!

Dan Rather, the former long term CBS News journalist, and anchor, who has spent nearly 50 years in the news business, has just published RATHER OUTSPOKEN, a revealing and stimulating book on his long news career.

Rather was a man of courage and conviction in the news business, and was one of the author’s most admired television journalists of the past, including also Walter Cronkite and Ted Koppel.

Rather made a lot of enemies over the years, and had particular challenges with the two Bush Presidencies, but the man never held back on his search for the truth, and he is still seen often on MSNBC as a guest, and has his own show on HDNet.

It is always good to see Dan Rather on television, and his book will reveal a great deal about the controversies he dealt with, and help us to understand this man who has had a great impact on television journalism!

The Bridge From Franklin D. Roosevelt To Lyndon B. Johnson To Barack Obama

Robert Caro, the most prolific Lyndon B. Johnson biographer, has published his fourth volume on Johnson, covering his rise to power from 1958-1964, including his Vice Presidency and early period of his Presidency.

Caro, often a critic of LBJ, has written another jewel of a book, and he makes clear that LBJ promoting civil rights and the War On Poverty was the follow through on what the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt was unable to accomplish in the 1930s.

But also, Caro makes the point that it was what LBJ accomplished in the 1960s which allowed us to elect an African American, Barack Obama, to the Presidency in 2008!

So there is indeed a direct line between FDR, LBJ, and Obama, and if Obama has a second term, he will stand out with FDR and LBJ as one of the three most accomplished Democratic Presidents in domestic affairs, for certain!