Zach Wyatt

Gay Republican Zach Wyatt Courageously “Comes Out” Against Hateful Missouri Legislation!

The anti gay sentiment spreading through the Republican Party nationally finally convinced a Missouri Republican state legislator, Zach Wyatt, to condemn a bill being promoted in the Missouri state legislature that would ban any discussion in any classroom about gays and lesbians, including even the idea of fighting bullying.

This despicable legislation was courageously opposed by Wyatt, who also decided it was time to be honest to himself, and admit to the world that he was gay.

What a testimonial to courage and conviction, and it makes one wonder why so many gay Republicans, and there are plenty of them, do not speak out and fight against discrimination!

It is well known that there are many gay people who work for state legislatures and for members of Congress, and the question is how they can remain silent and only think about advancement of their careers!

It is also amazing that politicians themselves have no problem, in most situations, to the hiring of gay people, and yet they use gays and lesbians as an excuse to promote an anti gay agenda!

What is it about these political leaders and their staff members, that they exploit an issue and overlook discrimination and hate, simply to advance their own careers?

At least for now, let everyone applaud Zach Wyatt of Missouri for doing the right thing, and hopefully, helping young people tormented by guilt over their sexual orientation!