David Cameron

Cowboy And Racist And Nativist Donald Trump Picking Fights With Major Allies, Including Great Britain And Canada!

Donald Trump is a “loose cannon”, and most dangerously, is demonstrating his ignorance of foreign policy, and in so doing, alienating our closest allies, including Great Britain and Canada!

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both condemned Trump’s proposal of a Muslim ban, and his loose language about nuclear weapons, NATO, and his cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, while Trump is not, seemingly, concerned that he is alarming nations that have been part of the close and stable friendships that have kept the world on an even keel since World War II.

There has been debate and consideration in the British Parliament and the Canadian Parliament about banning Trump fron entering their nations, although that is highly unlikely to happen, but for the new London Mayor, a Muslim, to condemn Trump for his hate mongering, is not good at all for international relations, as we need to keep a close friendship with other nations.

We cannot afford to have a “cowboy” in foreign affairs, a “Lone Ranger” who will upend the whole international scene, and many inteligent Americans understand that Trump is a very dangerous man, who seems to think that making his business deals somehow qualifies him to engage in diplomacy that includes insulting other nations in the process, and promoting an America First attitude.

If somehow Trump is elected, America is at a greater danger than it has ever been since 1945!

One Month To The Republican Convention: Time To Reconsider Mitt Romney Being The GOP Presidential Nominee, Before It Is Too Late!

The Republican National Convention begins one month from today, and the party is in deep trouble.

It has a presumed nominee who is a total disaster, an embarrassment to the party in so many ways, it cannot be calculated.

With all of his faults and shortcomings, it was thought that Mitt Romney would conduct himself properly at the Olympic Games in Great Britain, but instead he managed to alienate, totally, our closest ally with his stupid, inane comments, and his blunders and forgetfulness–mentioning the secret intelligence service, and forgetting the name of the opposition leader, after claiming there were problems with holding the Olympics in London, as compared to Salt Lake City. The Mayor of London was incensed, along with Prime Minister David Cameron, and rightfully!

This man is now being compared by the British press to George W. Bush and Sarah Palin!

It is clearly time for the GOP to consider nominating someone else,and the answer might be to have Romney pick a running mate, who would then be nominated for President, and the best choice clearly would be former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out of the race after the straw vote of the Iowa Caucuses, but to many seemed an acceptable candidate, somewhat boring, but still pleasant and competent!

Picking Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal or Chris Christie would be far worse, with only Rob Portman, Senator from Ohio, being acceptable as an alternative to Pawlenty.

Would Pawlenty or Portman win over Barack Obama? Highly unlikely, but at least neither would be an embarrassment to the party or the nation!

It is time for Mitt Romney to have the courage to back down from the nomination, but he will not do so, so he must be forced by the GOP delegates to do so!

Anyone who now still thinks Mitt Romney will be the next President needs to have his head examained!

Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Debut In Great Britain: Total Disaster!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the GOP Presidential nominee, has struck out in his first foray into foreign policy, of which he has no background or experience at all!

Of all places, he bombed in Great Britain, the closest ally and friend of the United States for the past century!

He stupidly criticized London as not having prepared adequately for the Olympics, which totally insulted the mayor of London, as well as British Prime Minister David Cameron.

This man cannot utter a statement that is not seen as inadequate, as incomplete, needing further explanation, or being a pure embarrassment!

The British press is comparing Romney to Sarah Palin and George W. Bush! What kind of hope of diplomacy with our closest ally is seen as possible when the first impression is so negative?

British observers have said that Romney came across as without “charm, warmth, humour, or sincerity”!

What is a greater indictment of Romney than that statement? All of it is TOTALLY TRUE, as Romney is clearly a total PHONY, unconcerned about how people feel, and clearly, if he can alienate Great Britain, imagine Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, etc!

Romney is giving further proof that he is the WORST GOP Presidential nominee since James G. Blaine, the extremely corrupt nominee in 1884, against Democrat Grover Cleveland!

Realize this includes Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, but realistically, Romney is far worse than either of them or any other nominee since Blaine 128 years ago!

Romney is clearly digging his own grave!

Ironic Turn Of Events: British Prime Minister David Cameron Endorses Gay Marriage Rights While Billy Graham Promotes A North Carolina Ban!

It is extremely ironic that we find out that British Prime Minister David Cameron has endorsed gay marriage, although not requiring churches to administer them, while the revered Reverend Billy Graham, now 93 years old, did not have the courage and guts to defy many Christian haters of gays, including his own son, Franklin Graham, and endorsed a ban on gay marriage in the North Carolina Constitution in a vote coming this November.

Why is it that the British and other Europeans, and Israel as well, have no issue with gays,while America is so uptight and regressive on this human rights issue? And why does a Conservative Prime Minister endorse gay rights, while conservatives in America bitterly oppose them?

And one must keep in mind that Billy Graham, as revered as he is, has now come out as favoring discrimination against gays, but if one looks at his career, we know that he also has been very anti Semitic, including on the Richard Nixon Watergate tapes, and was not a leader in promoting African American civil rights in the 1960s.

So in a way, Billy Graham is just following his forgotten belief in prejudice, hate, and discrimination in his old age, instead of being a statesman, and helping to promote unity and tolerance in the future! What a disgrace!

The Special American-British Relationship Prevails: Obama And David Cameron

The long term American-British friendship and relationship prevails, even now with a “progressive” President and a “conservative” Prime Minister.

Just the opposite of the relationship between a “conservative” President George W. Bush and a “progressive” Prime Minister Tony Blair, still the common ties connect the two nations, which have been closely allied since Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt linked in the Second World War era.

Britain has been America’s greatest ally in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they are committed to work together against the growing threat presented by the Islamic Republic of Iran, with its move toward a nuclear program that is seen as likely to cause danger not only to Israel and its Arab neighbors, but to Europe and the United States as well.

While Great Britain is promoting austerity to deal with its economic problems, a policy that does not seem to be working very well, the Conservative Party of that nation is nowhere near as right wing as the Republican Party and the conservative movement in America has become.

David Cameron has decided to be part of the cheering section for Barack Obama, something certainly not appreciated by Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. It is clear that the British government does not have high regard for any of them, while recognizing the need, if any of them are elected, to deal with them.

Conservative And Republican Ideas On Economy: Proved Wrong By What Has Happened In Great Britain In Past Year

Conservatives and Republicans keep on arguing that budget cuts are the answer, without any tax increases, and that government spending is the villain.

Meanwhile, the British government of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has been promoting fiscal austerity, which has failed to help their economic situation. Unemployment has risen, and the budget cuts have not revived business confidence or encouraged more hiring, as people have less to spend as a result.

The British are suffering with a bad economy made far worse by spending cuts in the public sphere. All it has done is make for more future budget cuts as people cannot spend, and is leading toward a policy that did not work during the early years of the Great Depression, but only made it far worse.

Promoting fiscal austerity only will doom the British economy to a long period of no growth and worse economic conditions. Cutting government spending will only cause reduced demand and less tax revenue, and the British experience should be a warning sign to the American government and the American people.

Will we learn from past mistakes during the Great Depression, or will we again prove that we do not learn from the lessons of history?

What The Republican Party Can Learn From The British Conservative Party!

Great Britain’s new government, led by Conservative David Cameron, in coalition with the Liberal Democrats under Nick Klegg as Deputy Prime Minister, is an example of how conservatism has modified in Great Britain, to the advantage of the country’s future!

At a time when partisanship and division in the United States party system is at its peak in the past century, the British government has managed to act responsibly on its many economic problems by allying in a coalition designed to resolve the serious problems the British face!

The austerity plan that the British government has enacted is seen by some as unwise, but at this point, the British government is at least moving ahead on resolving issues, rather than just promoting party bickering and looking to win points against the opposition!

In an interview on CNN with Fareed Zakaria, David Cameron suggested that a measure of social justice and open mindedness is a wise strategy for his party, getting away from the old Margaret Thatcher model!

In the same way, it is time for the GOP to “bury” finally the image of Ronald Reagan, which is much fantasized, and face the future with the understanding that being the party of NO, and only being concerned with foreign military interventions, and corporate alliances, and government intrusion in people’s private lives allied with religious forces, is a prescription for ultimate downfall of the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt!

The Republican party must move back to the middle of American politics, and reject the extremism of radio and tv talk show hosts who only enrich themselves by dividing the American people! 🙁