British Government

What The Republican Party Can Learn From The British Conservative Party!

Great Britain’s new government, led by Conservative David Cameron, in coalition with the Liberal Democrats under Nick Klegg as Deputy Prime Minister, is an example of how conservatism has modified in Great Britain, to the advantage of the country’s future!

At a time when partisanship and division in the United States party system is at its peak in the past century, the British government has managed to act responsibly on its many economic problems by allying in a coalition designed to resolve the serious problems the British face!

The austerity plan that the British government has enacted is seen by some as unwise, but at this point, the British government is at least moving ahead on resolving issues, rather than just promoting party bickering and looking to win points against the opposition!

In an interview on CNN with Fareed Zakaria, David Cameron suggested that a measure of social justice and open mindedness is a wise strategy for his party, getting away from the old Margaret Thatcher model!

In the same way, it is time for the GOP to “bury” finally the image of Ronald Reagan, which is much fantasized, and face the future with the understanding that being the party of NO, and only being concerned with foreign military interventions, and corporate alliances, and government intrusion in people’s private lives allied with religious forces, is a prescription for ultimate downfall of the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt!

The Republican party must move back to the middle of American politics, and reject the extremism of radio and tv talk show hosts who only enrich themselves by dividing the American people! 🙁