Military Deaths

Since The Death Of Osama Bin Laden, 381 Americans Killed And 4,000 Wounded In Afghanistan: Time To Withdraw!

It has been a year since the death of Osama Bin Laden, and still, we are in Afghanistan, attempting to undermine the Taliban, who collaborated with Al Qaeda, and brought about the events of September 11, 2001.

There is no way that America or the NATO forces in Afghanistan are ever going to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban influence.

Instead, the amazing total of 381 Americans have been killed, many by “friendly” Afghan forces, and over 4,000 wounded, since Bin Laden’s death!

To put it another way, it means on a daily basis, one American is killed and 11 wounded, and for what purpose?

It is time to get out, accept the fact that we accomplished our mission of weakening, and in many respects, destroying, Al Qaeda, and can still do great harm with drones, without sacrificing American lives any longer!

President Obama, it is time to withdraw, and if you feel it cannot be done during the election season, it should be your first action when you are reelected in November.

And President Romney, if that occurs, use your brains and realize this is a lost cause, and not worthy of any more sacrifice beyond January 2013 at the latest!

Tragic Anniversary: Nine Years Since Iraq War Began, As Doubts About Afghanistan War Abound!

Nine years ago today, based on false and misleading evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction possessed by Saddam Hussein of Iraq, the US and allied nations went to war in Iraq.

The effects for the American military have been massive:

4,408 killed in action
31,922 wounded in action

Several hundred or more have lost limbs or part of their skull, and at least one out of four soldiers serving in Iraq have had brain injuries and mental and emotional problems, better known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from their military service.

In the ongoing Afghanistan War, the number killed stands at 1,912, and wounded close to 10,000, with several hundred severely wounded.

So together in the past decade, about 6,300 American soldiers have been killed, and about 42,000 wounded, with close to 1,000 severely wounded, and again one out of four soldiers affected by PTSD, including Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, who killed sixteen Afghan civilians last week, a tragedy for the victims, but also for him and his family, and for America.

These sobering statistics, separate from the loss of life of hundreds of thousands of civilians in both Iraq and Afghanistan, requires our serious consideration that it is time to say the War on Terror has been won overseas, with the death of three fourths of the Al Qaeda leadership, and the elimination last May of Osama Bin Laden.

It is time to come home, and to heal our veterans,. at any cost, rather than continue spending $100 billion a year or more in an area we cannot make democratic and western style. Out of Afghanistan as soon as possible is an urgency!