Day: April 16, 2012

Mitt And Ann Romney: A Sense Of Entitlement And Arrogance, And “Spoiled Brat Prima Donnas”!

Mitt Romney has the gall to laugh and say he wants Barack Obama to “start packing”! He shows himself to be a “spoiled brat prima donna”, who has a sense of entitlement, and a high level of arrogance!

And Anne Romney, who once might have been thought to be a “nice lady”, now comes across as a “spoiled brat prima donna”, who says that she got an early “birthday gift” by the outrage that erupted from the comment of Hillary Rosen about her last week. She also has a sense of entitlement, and a high level of arrogance!

Mitt Romney has made it clear that motherhood as an option is fine for privileged women such as his wife, but not for poor women, who, with children as young as two years old ,should be expected to pursue the “dignity of work”!

The more one thinks about Ann Romney, one has to wonder if she did not have all kinds of help bringing up her five sons!

If she did not, then her husband is more of a “male chauvinist pig” than anyone imaginable, considering he certainly could afford to have help for her!

Also, it must be said that Ann Romney, as a teenager, saw a handsome, rich guy named Mitt Romney, realized it was her meal ticket so she would not have to work, and was willing to convert to the Mormon faith, tell her parents they could not attend the wedding in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, and then had the gall to allow her dead father, who was an atheist, to be converted posthumously to the Mormon faith!

Is this a woman to admire? Yes, one might say, because she has overcome cancer and has had symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for years.

Well, those conditions are indeed terrible, and we can sympathize with her on those factors, but how about the many poor and middle class women, many of them single mothers, who have faced the same situation, and did not have the availability of health care that a wealthy lady like Ann Romney has had, and in many cases also could not afford the treatments needed, and therefore have not survived to the age of 63 as Ann Romney has!

Ann Romney is no longer a sympathetic figure, sorry to say, and it is clear both Romneys have a sense of entitlement and a high level of arrogance!

What the American people need to do is let them know on November 6, 2012, that they can go back to their wealthy private life, with the obscenely big mansion in California, with the automobie elevator, and leave America alone!

Mitt Romney: Obama Needs To Tell Us His Future Plans In Office, But I Will Not Do The Same! The Double Standard!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the likely Republican Presidential nominee, has been highly critical of President Barack Obama over a comment made to Russian President Dmitry Medveded about needing some time until after the upcoming election before he could follow through on plans for agreements.

Romney lambasted Obama, and insisted that he needed to fully reveal all plans, both foreign and domestic, as the American people were entitled to know what his agenda was for the next four years.

In the short run, that seemed to make some sense, but now the hypocrisy of Mitt Romney has emerged, as he was at a Palm Beach, Florida gathering of extremely wealthy people last night, and was unwilling to allow media in to listen.

But some information leaked out anyway, including the general idea, but not specified in detail, that Romney intended to end the Department of Housing and Urban Development cabinet agency, which his own father, George Romney, had headed under President Richard Nixon. He also mentioned a desire to combine other cabinet agencies, but said no details would be given to the American people before the election.

Romney has also talked in broad generalities about foreign policy changes, including a threat to attack Iran, but does not wish to be specific in any way.

So what Mitt Romney is saying is:Trust me, and give me power!

But he insists that Obama must be very specific and out in the open about everything he might be planning.

If such was to be a requirement of any Presidential candidate or President, then all past candidates have violated such a stipulation. That is not the way government works, Mr. Romney, and particularly since you have a double standard, that Obama must reveal everything, but you do not have to, the answer is that you have, for the umpteenth time, totally lost credibility!

Controversy Over Florida State University Law School Graduate: Should Illegal Immigrant Be Admitted To The Florida Bar?

The issue of illegal immigration, particularly that of children brought here from foreign lands at a young age, has arisen again with a new controversy over a Florida State University Law School graduate who is applying for admission to the Florida Bar.

Should a 25 year old man, brought here from Mexico at age 9, who was the valedictorian of his high school class, who was an Eagle Scout, but still is an illegal immigrant, who arrived with his parents on a tourist visa which eventually expired, be allowed to practice law in Florida, rather than face possible deportation?

A former President of Florida State University, also a former head of the American Bar Association, is the attorney for this young man, who has excelled in everything he has ever tried, and did not hide his illegal status when he applied to college and law school.

Additionally, three other former heads of the American Bar Association, with two of them also former heads of the Florida Bar, also back this young man in his quest to be able to get a law license in Florida, but anti immigrant amnesty groups bitterly oppose any such concession.

The student’s Congresswoman, Kathy Castor, also backs him, and calls for the passage of the DREAM Act, designed to give children of illegal immigrants the opportunity beyond high school to contribute to the nation in the military or by going to college, rather than forcing them as adults back to a country they have no memory of, and having wasted taxpayer money spent on their education to age 18.

This is an issue that bitterly divides the American people, but it really victimizes young people simply because of what their parents have done, failing to recognize the great talents and abilities these young people could contribute to the nation they love, if only given a chance.

History Favors Obama and Democratic Party Second Term Presidencies

In the discussion over whether Barack Obama will have a second term of office, one must consider history as a guide.

If one looks at the facts, one discovers that only THREE Democratic Presidents have ever been defeated for re-election–Martin Van Buren in 1840; Grover Cleveland in 1888 (even though he actually won the popular vote by about 100,000 nationally); and Jimmy Carter in 1980.

So in the past 124 years, only one Democrat has lost re-election, and face the facts, Barack Obama is NOT Jimmy Carter and Mitt Romney is not Ronald Reagan!

Grover Cleveland came back to win in the following election over Benjamin Harrison who had defeated him in 1888, being the only nonconsecutive terms President in American history.

Woodrow Wilson had a very close contest against Charles Evans Hughes for re-election in 1916, but won.

Franklin D. Roosevelt still had over 20 percent unemployment when he first ran for re-election in 1936, but won a landslide over Alf Landon, as well as solid victories over Wendell Willkie in 1940 and Thomas E. Dewey in 1944.

Harry Truman overcame all polls and defeated Dewey in an upset victory in 1948, even after the opposition party had won both houses of Congress in 1946.

Lyndon B. Johnson won the biggest popular vote landslide in history over Barry Goldwater in 1964.

Bill Clinton won a solid victory over Bob Dole in 1996, despite having lost both houses of Congress in 1994.

And despite criticisms, Barack Obama has a positive record of achievement in his first term to match that of Wilson and FDR in their first term and Lyndon B. Johnson in his first year, and more than Grover Cleveland, Harry Truman, and Bill Clinton in their first term, and Jimmy Carter in his only term of office.

So don’t bet too heavily on Obama losing re-election in November!

Shocking Figures: Every 80 Minutes, A Military Suicide!

New information reveals the shocking statistic that every 80 minutes, 18 times a day, 6,570 times a year on the average, a person in the military, or a veteran, commits suicide due to depression, caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Some shoot themselves; others take pills; others stab themselves; others drive their car into an accident; others set themselves up to be hit by auto traffic or a train or truck; others jump to their death.

Our reaction to this wave of suicides is inadequate, as the military attempts, while a soldier on duty, or when he is a veteran, to avoid the responsibility to help these people, as it is costly.

And there is supposed to be the attitude of dealing with mental problems on one’s own, as to admit psychological or mental problems is seen as a weakness, particularly among males, part of the “macho” image that, sadly, exists, in American society.

Often, these people do not just take themselves down, but also their wives, children, friends, or total strangers, as too often they go berserk in public places, such as shopping malls, work places, and college campuses.

This is a clear and present danger to the society, as well as to these unfortunate heroes who have sacrificed for their country, and are not being treated with dignity and compassion!

Mitt Romney And Tea Party Republicans In The House Of Representatives: A “Shotgun” Marriage?

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the likely GOP Presidential nominee, is accustomed to doing things HIS way, both in the corporate world and in his one term in the Massachusetts Governorship, where he never really learned the names of legislators, or went out of his way to negotiate with those he needed to work with.

This is a man who likes CONTROL to the extreme, but already there are signs in the campaign that the Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives are not going to allow themselves to be dictated to, or told how to conduct their campaigns, and how they deal with issues about the budget, foreign policy, and social controversies.

No matter how much Mitt Romney has moved to the Right, it is believed that he is going to attempt a move back toward the center, his more natural location in his earlier career, but if he does that, he will find many House Republicans, and possibly even Senate Republicans, will not join him in such a swing, and will be likely to attack him if he does.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as IF he is elected, with a GOP majority in one or both houses, the question will be whether he will allow his Presidency to be controlled by the Right Wing of the party.

The likelihood is that he will not agree to that, and that would mean bitter division within a party that even now is not thrilled at having Mitt Romney as their standard bearer.

Ironically, if Romney won, and had a Democratic Congress, while there would be natural rivalry and conflict, it is more likely that much more progress would be made toward dealing with economic and foreign policy issues, than under a Republican Party dominated by the Right WIng.

So anyone who thinks a Romney Presidency would be glorious, and united, and change the political atmosphere in the nation’s capital, needs to have a reality check!

Arizona Ripe For Pickup By Barack Obama In Presidential Campaign Of 2012

Arizona, the center of anti immigrant legislation, and arguably the ‘looniest” state in America, at least according to Bill Maher, is ripe for pickup by the Democratic Party and Barack Obama in the Presidential campaign of 2012.

Yes, it is true that the legislature is overwhelmingly Republican, and that both Senators (John McCain and Jon Kyl) are Republicans, and that the majority of the House delegation is Republican, and that Governor Jan Brewer is Republican, but yet with the growing Hispanic and Latino population, now about 30 percent, it looks as if Arizona is, over time, going to go the way of California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado and vote Democratic.

Even Texas in the future, certainly by 2020, is likely to tip Democratic as long as the GOP continues its nativist mentality toward immigrants.

No one is saying that Obama will win Arizona, but there is a good chance that he could, and even if he does not, Arizona is likely to be a closer race than it was in 2008, when an Arizona Senator named John McCain won his home state, but not by as much as one would have thought (about 8.5 percentage points of the vote and 196,000 popular votes).