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Shocking Figures: Every 80 Minutes, A Military Suicide!

New information reveals the shocking statistic that every 80 minutes, 18 times a day, 6,570 times a year on the average, a person in the military, or a veteran, commits suicide due to depression, caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Some shoot themselves; others take pills; others stab themselves; others drive their car into an accident; others set themselves up to be hit by auto traffic or a train or truck; others jump to their death.

Our reaction to this wave of suicides is inadequate, as the military attempts, while a soldier on duty, or when he is a veteran, to avoid the responsibility to help these people, as it is costly.

And there is supposed to be the attitude of dealing with mental problems on one’s own, as to admit psychological or mental problems is seen as a weakness, particularly among males, part of the “macho” image that, sadly, exists, in American society.

Often, these people do not just take themselves down, but also their wives, children, friends, or total strangers, as too often they go berserk in public places, such as shopping malls, work places, and college campuses.

This is a clear and present danger to the society, as well as to these unfortunate heroes who have sacrificed for their country, and are not being treated with dignity and compassion!