Massachusetts Legislature

Mitt Romney And Tea Party Republicans In The House Of Representatives: A “Shotgun” Marriage?

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the likely GOP Presidential nominee, is accustomed to doing things HIS way, both in the corporate world and in his one term in the Massachusetts Governorship, where he never really learned the names of legislators, or went out of his way to negotiate with those he needed to work with.

This is a man who likes CONTROL to the extreme, but already there are signs in the campaign that the Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives are not going to allow themselves to be dictated to, or told how to conduct their campaigns, and how they deal with issues about the budget, foreign policy, and social controversies.

No matter how much Mitt Romney has moved to the Right, it is believed that he is going to attempt a move back toward the center, his more natural location in his earlier career, but if he does that, he will find many House Republicans, and possibly even Senate Republicans, will not join him in such a swing, and will be likely to attack him if he does.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as IF he is elected, with a GOP majority in one or both houses, the question will be whether he will allow his Presidency to be controlled by the Right Wing of the party.

The likelihood is that he will not agree to that, and that would mean bitter division within a party that even now is not thrilled at having Mitt Romney as their standard bearer.

Ironically, if Romney won, and had a Democratic Congress, while there would be natural rivalry and conflict, it is more likely that much more progress would be made toward dealing with economic and foreign policy issues, than under a Republican Party dominated by the Right WIng.

So anyone who thinks a Romney Presidency would be glorious, and united, and change the political atmosphere in the nation’s capital, needs to have a reality check!