Florida State University

Controversy Over Florida State University Law School Graduate: Should Illegal Immigrant Be Admitted To The Florida Bar?

The issue of illegal immigration, particularly that of children brought here from foreign lands at a young age, has arisen again with a new controversy over a Florida State University Law School graduate who is applying for admission to the Florida Bar.

Should a 25 year old man, brought here from Mexico at age 9, who was the valedictorian of his high school class, who was an Eagle Scout, but still is an illegal immigrant, who arrived with his parents on a tourist visa which eventually expired, be allowed to practice law in Florida, rather than face possible deportation?

A former President of Florida State University, also a former head of the American Bar Association, is the attorney for this young man, who has excelled in everything he has ever tried, and did not hide his illegal status when he applied to college and law school.

Additionally, three other former heads of the American Bar Association, with two of them also former heads of the Florida Bar, also back this young man in his quest to be able to get a law license in Florida, but anti immigrant amnesty groups bitterly oppose any such concession.

The student’s Congresswoman, Kathy Castor, also backs him, and calls for the passage of the DREAM Act, designed to give children of illegal immigrants the opportunity beyond high school to contribute to the nation in the military or by going to college, rather than forcing them as adults back to a country they have no memory of, and having wasted taxpayer money spent on their education to age 18.

This is an issue that bitterly divides the American people, but it really victimizes young people simply because of what their parents have done, failing to recognize the great talents and abilities these young people could contribute to the nation they love, if only given a chance.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Demonstrates A Racist Power Grab Over Florida A & M Hazing Death Incident!

Florida Governor Rick Scott, already extremely unpopular in public opinion polls, with a terrible public reputation, has now worsened his image further by an attempted power grab over the state university system!

A tragic event took place at Florida A & M, a leading historically black university, with great academic results. A student in the marching band for the university was murdered in a hazing incident, and this tragic event was made worse by the intervention of Governor Scott into the situation, attempting to fire the university president over the issue.

This was a shocking intervention, as hazing, as bad as it is, occurs at many universities all over the country, and we don’t see the firing of university or college presidents over that tragic set of events, particularly without an investigation and due process!

Interesting development, which makes one wonder IF this event had occurred at a university such as the University of Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, or any other branch of the state university system, would Governor Scott have been so quick to intervene, as he does at a black university campus?

This incident can only be seen as racist, and undermines the whole state of Florida and its university system, as the old South seems to be arising again, the era where racism and lynchings occurred regularly!

What Scott attempted to do was a “lynching” of the university President in a different form, and must be condemned as an abuse of power! If there is a problem with any branch of the state university system, there is a Board of Trustees and a whole administrative network that can deal with any issue that arises!

It is NOT the business of the Governor of Florida or ANY state to interfere with educational matters, even those that are legal problems! That is up to the judicial system, not a governor out of control and overly egotistical and narcissistic as Rick Scott is!