The Importance Of The Cell Phone Vote In Tuesday’s Elections!

With so many races so evenly split, according to polls, attention must be drawn to the cell phone vote, which is NOT measured by polling companies, which call people only on land line phones!

With the growing number of citizens who do not have a land line phone, and with so many of these people being young and often less affluent, the potential for mistakes in the polls is enormous!

Races that seem settled may not be over; evenly competitive races could be more one sided; and the appeal of President Obama and others that the coalition of people who elected him in 2008 should get out there and save the reforms that have been brought about, could indeed lead to major upsets in the polls that might be memorable!

The election is still coming, and everyone should be voting, as it can have an historic impact on the future, or be a detriment to our recovery from the economic recession caused by Republican party policies, and “sweetheart” deals with the major banks, insurance companies, and other corporations!

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