The Importance Of The Alaska Senate Race: A Chance To Repudiate Sarah Palin!

Who would have thought that the Alaska Senate race would become such a center of attention?

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, best described as a moderate conservative, was too lax in campaigning in the primary against Tea Party favorite Joe Miller, and lost her party’s nomination by a very small margin of votes.

Joe Miller has turned out to be a true disaster, with his outrageous views on many issues; the controversy over private security roughing up a journalist and briefly handcuffing him at a Miller public event; and Miller admitting to illegal actions at his workplace, leading to his suspension and admission to having lied!

This man is one of the worst of all of the Tea Party activists running as Republicans in this fall’s election, and while he was first in polls for a long time, he has now dropped to third place behind Murkowski, who seems to be about to achieve victory as a write in candidate, and Democrat Scott McAdams, mayor of Sitka, Alaska!

If either McAdams, who has been gaining support–or Murkowski as a write in candidate–was to defeat Miller, it would be a major victory against the Tea Party movement!

But it would also be a major blow in prestige to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who is actively considering running for President in 2012, and has backed Miller!

Palin said yesterday that Murkowski was a “liberal”, which is totally ridiculous, but shows just how far right Palin is, and how it is essential to deflate her ego and image, as a way to weaken her Presidential bid!

So either a victory for Murkowski, or for McAdams, would be a major contribution to the dignity of the US Senate, and would send a message to Sarah Palin that she should realize that the American people, based on public opinion polls, do not see her as qualified for the Presidency, and that she would effectively destroy the Republican party if she were to run–whether she became the actual nominee of the party or failed to do so!

Again, it must be said that Senator John McCain did tremendous damage to this country by selecting Palin as his running mate in 2008! We are not ready to elect a candidate as dense and stupid and clueless as Sarah Palin is!

So as the author said in a posting awhile back, Sarah, face the facts, that you are NOT qualified to be President, and just milk the ignorant part of the population with your public appearances, your books, and your cable show, and make money, but DO NOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT, and embarrass yourself and the American people and undermine the potential future of this country! 🙁

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