Arkansas School Board Member Clint McCance MUST Be Removed For Anti Gay Hate Mongering! :(

Clint McCance, the Vice President of the School Board of the Midland school district in northern Arkansas, who claims to be a “good Christian” has stirred up a tremendous outrage among decent people by issuing an anti gay tirade on his Facebook account! 🙁

Calling gays “fags” and “queers”, McCance asserted that he is disgusted that there is so much sympathy being expressed for gay kids who have committed suicide in recent weeks!

He said it would be best that all gays commit suicide, and that it was good that gays cannot procreate!

He also said that if his kids were gay, he would disown them, but that they were aware that they could not expect his love and support, were they to reveal themselves as gay!

It is horrible enough that such an excuse for a human being exists, and that he would treat his own children in such a despicable way, were they to be gay!

But it is absolutely unacceptable for such a hate monger and bigot to be involved on a school board which deals with the growth and development of children and adolescents, with the certainty that some are already, or will discover that they are gay!

No school board should contain people who promote such hate and narrow mindedness!

There must be a recall movement to remove this scum from the school board! Find another career, Mr. McCance, but not around children who will become your victims, and not around children who will feel they have an endorsement to bully other adolescents who might be gay!

What a disgrace and a commentary on supposedly “good Christians” who promote hate and prejudice in the name of Jesus Christ, who would not approve of such behavior!

One comment on “Arkansas School Board Member Clint McCance MUST Be Removed For Anti Gay Hate Mongering! :(

  1. Clay Boggess October 29, 2010 12:00 pm

    What an amazing display of ignorance and stupidity…or should I say arrogance. He sure put everything on the line on this one!

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