The Year Of The “Wingnuts”, The “Loonies”, The “Crazies”! :(

This midterm election year has been the most amazing of times, with so many “wingnuts”, “loonies”, and “crazies” running for public office, or candidates for re-election, and the thought that any of them might be elected or re-elected is a sign of how desperate, confused, and frustrated the people of America are!

The term “wingnut” was coined by journalist John Avlon, who has written articles and a notable book on the subject. Avlon promotes a moderate, centrist view of politics, and he is excellent at portraying the horrible politicians, many without any real qualifications, who might become our leaders, or are already our leaders!

If they do win, the American people will soon realize the errors of their ways, but it will be too late, and particularly with the Senate, we will be stuck with these characters for at least six years! 🙁

So who are the “wingnuts”, the “loonies”, the “crazies”?

Senate races–Newcomers

Rand Paul, Kentucky
Sharron Angle, Nevada
Mike Lee, Utah
Ken Buck, Colorado
Joe Miller, Alaska
Christine O’Donnell, Delaware
Linda McMahon, Connecticut
Carly Fiorina, California
Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania
John Raese, West Virginia
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin
Alvin Greene, South Carolina

Senators In Office

Jim DeMint, South Carolina
David Vitter, Louisiana
Richard Shelby, Alabama
Tom Coburn, Oklahoma

House Races

Michele Bachmann, Minnesota–in office
Virginia Foxx, North Carolina–in office
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee–in office
Ben Quayle, Arizona–newcomer
Allen West, Florida–newcomer

Governor Races–Newcomers

Rick Scott, Florida
Carl Paladino, New York
Tom Tancredo, Colorado
Tom Emmer, Minnesota
Dan Maes, Colorado

This list is partially from Avlon’s articles and book, and partly based on other reports of what these candidates or office holders have advocated or promoted, ideas which would set back American progress, or else have encouraged character assassination of President Obama with “birther” statements or claims he is “Muslim”, a “terrorist”, a “Kenyan”, and other reckless rhetoric that promotes violence, confrontation, and threatening behavior! 🙁

The author will comment on the likelihood of how many of these will be elected before Election Day next Tuesday!

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