Will Bill Clinton Be The Savior Of The Democratic Party?

Former President Bill Clinton, riding on a popular public opinion wave of more than 60 percent, has become the number one weapon of the Democratic Party as it tries to hold on to its majority in both houses of Congress in next week’s midterm elections!

Clinton is doing more campaigning around the country than anyone, and showing up in places in the South and Midwest where Barack Obama would be unlikely to have much impact, were he to campaign there for members and candidates in both houses of Congress.

Clinton brings a sense of good will, and a message: 21 months is not enough time to resolve issues, so give us a full four years to deal with the economic crisis before judging us and deciding to put back in power the people who brought you into the Great Recession!

This is a message that may resonate with voters, and already, there are indications that the so called “enthusiasm gap” may be narrowing, and that Democrats and independents may very well do much better than was expected a few weeks ago!

So if it all works out, we will have to salute former President Bill Clinton as the “savior” of the Democratic Party! 🙂

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