Multi Millionaire Business Executives Likely To Be Defeated In November: An Important Message From Voters!

The Republican Party is trying to convince the nation that multimillionaire businessmen and women, who have never had any political experience, but are willing to spend tens of millions of their own money, should be rewarded with public office, either the Senate or Governorships!

The likelihood is that most, if not all, will be defeated in their attempt to “buy” the office with their own wealth!

None of these people give a damn about average Americans, and are just trying to stroke their own egos, and think personal fortunes alone should be enough to satisfy their need for power and influence! Their level of arrogance is amazing, and should NOT be rewarded! 🙁

I am referring to the following:

Meg Whitman, running for California Governor
Carly Fiorina, running for California Senator
Linda McMahon, running for Connecticut Senator
Carl Paladino, running for New York Governor
Rick Scott, running for Florida Governor
John Raese, running for West Virginia Senator
Ron Johnson, running for Wisconsin Senator

The alternatives are, respectively:

Former Governor Jerry Brown of California
Senator Barbara Boxer of California
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo of New York
Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink of Florida
Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia
Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin

Anyone who seriously analyzes these seven races would come to the conclusion that the Democrats stand for solid backgrounds, loads of experience, concern for those NOT rich, and strong principles–all reasons to support their election or re-election to public office!

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