Clear And Present Danger: Sharron Angle, Stephen Broden, Allen West! :(

Sharron Angle is the controversial GOP Senate nominee in Nevada against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Stephen Broden is the Republican nominee in the 30th Congressional District of Texas against Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson.

Allen West is the Republican nominee in the 22nd Congressional District of Florida against Congressman Ron Klein.

What is in common among these three candidates?

All three have advocated using the Second Amendment as an alternative if the Republicans do not gain control of the government by the ballot, as they see the Obama Administration as a danger to the country that should be removed by revolutionary means if necessary! πŸ™

All three have made such statements in public gatherings, and yet the Republican party supports them financially, despite their dangerous and reckless rhetoric! πŸ™

These people are not conservatives; they are fascist oriented, willing to advocate violence and use of force to accomplish their means! πŸ™

It is NOT acceptable speech to advocate armed overthrow of the US government because one is unhappy with the administration that is in power! πŸ™

If an extreme leftist radical advocated armed insurrection against a conservative Republican President, Fox News Channel and radio talk show hosts would rightfully condemn them and call for their repudiation!

But, interestingly, we have a great silence from such sources, as well as the Republican party leadership, who seem to think that these Tea Party backed candidates should not be renounced for their extremist rhetoric! πŸ™

Words are not just words–they are weapons which can tip unstable people toward the use of violence, and can lead to political assassinations! πŸ™

These people need to be repudiated and defeated for the mental health of the nation! πŸ™

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