The Role Of Independents In Key Races!

Three former Republicans, running as Independents, could tip the balance in a Senatorial race in Florida, and gubernatorial races in Rhode Island and Colorado!

In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist is running against Democrat Kendrick Meek and Republican Marco Rubio, and at the moment, is running well behind Rubio and only a point or two ahead of Meek in most polls!

In Rhode Island, former Senator Lincoln Chafee is running ahead in some polls past Democratic nominee Frank Caprio, with Republican John Robitaille in third place!

In Colorado, former Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo is running ahead of Republican Dan Maes, who is Tea Party supported, but clearly behind Democratic nominee and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper!

At this point, it seems as if Lincoln Chafee has the best chance to win, while Crist is faltering, and Tancredo’s only accomplishment is possibly to make the Republican Party a minor party in Colorado, if its nominee ends up with less than 20 percent of the vote, which now seems likely, a true electoral disaster for the GOP in Colorado!

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