Christine O’Donnell In Debate: Another Sarah Palin! :(

Christine O’Donnell, the GOP candidate for the Delaware Senate seat, debated her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons, yesterday, on a nationally televised debate on C Span and CNN!

What stood out about the debate was that O’Donnell was aggressive, interrupted Coons constantly, evaded the specific questions that were asked, came up with vague generalizations designed to promote “code words”, and showed her lack of knowledge of specific Supreme Court cases, a la Sarah Palin two years ago! 🙂

Coons made a point of saying that a lot of what O’Donnell was saying made no sense, had no relevance, and was just plain erroneous, but that the debate format made it impossible for him to refute much of what she said in a brief one or two minutes!

Coons acted like a gentleman, so that he could not be accused of “beating up” on a woman, similar to how Joe Biden handled Sarah Palin in the Vice Presidential debate two years ago!

The impression gained is that Coons showed more command of the subjects of the debate, but that O’Donnell might have gained a bit just by not doing a “Jan Brewer” type of total panic reaction, as occurred in the Arizona Governor debate a few weeks ago!

But polls indicate that Coons is far ahead of O’Donnell, and it seems doubtful that a majority of Delaware voters will be swayed to back a candidate seen by many as not qualified to serve in the Senate!

2 comments on “Christine O’Donnell In Debate: Another Sarah Palin! :(

  1. Chris October 14, 2010 10:52 am

    I was enjoying the debate yesterday until it was rudely interrupted by the miners. The parts that i was able to watch i found very interesting. O’Donnell was constantly avoiding questions and when asked a question she would respond with something that had nothing to do with the question that was asked. One of situation i can recall is when she was asked if she still believes that evolution is a myth, O’Donnell completely dogged the question saying that it was up to the schools to decide. What gives the school the right to decide if evolution is a myth or not? That is like saying “we will let the schools decide if gravity is a myth”. Coons on the other hand was very intelligent and also respectful to O’Donnell. His answers were very articulate and he did not speak to her in a condescending manner as she did to him. If Coons would be running in Florida i would be able to vote for him without a second thought. I like the fact that he does not betray his principles just to win an election like some democrats have been doing. He said in the debate that he agrees with the healthcare bill along with other bills that the democrats have been involved with lately. Coons is a politician that i would love to have in the senate and the Delaware citizens should be proud to have a representative that sticks to his values and doesn’t let elections change his way of thinking.

  2. Hema October 14, 2010 2:20 pm

    There is a huge problem with a candidate when that person has to explain whether or not she is a witch! Feels like the 1600’s.

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