Charlie Crist Endorsed By Arnold Schwarzenegger And Robert F. Kennedy, Jr!

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has just been endorsed by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, and also by the environmental lawyer and son of Senator Robert Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.!

Crist is still ahead of Kendrick Meek, the Miami Congressman who is the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat, in the polls, but Republican and Tea Party nominee Marco Rubio is far ahead at this point in the polls! 🙁

There are rumors that Meek may drop out, although he denies it, but as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said, if the moderate to progressive vote remains split, there is almost no chance to stop the ascent of Rubio, a strong right winger, to the Senate, and who knows, maybe into the Presidential race at some point! 🙁

So, although many Democrats would prefer to stay loyal to Meek, reality makes it likely that Crist will start to gain more Democratic support, and that Meek should consider the concept of withdrawing, in order to stop Rubio!

While one cannot be sure, it seems likely that a Senator Charlie Crist would ally with the Democrats, while remaining an Independent, as Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders have done!

Progressives can only hope for the best, and should have faith in Charlie Crist doing what he honestly believes is best for the state of Florida, if he is sent to the US Senate!

One comment on “Charlie Crist Endorsed By Arnold Schwarzenegger And Robert F. Kennedy, Jr!

  1. David October 13, 2010 11:59 pm

    It’s hard to believe that I would ever vote for someone who considered himself and was elected as a Republican. However, Crist supported teachers, which is more than I can say for Obama who wants to “hold teachers more accountable” and tie student achievement to teacher pay. Who is going to hold parents more accountable? Why is it the teacher’s fault that students do not come to class, come in disinterested, dislike school, and don’t do their homework? Students who don’t excel in school by the 8th grade should be sent into the military.

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