Joe Miller’s Hypocrisy: Unemployment Compensation!

Alaska’s Republican Senate nominee, Joe Miller, a favorite of the Tea Party Movement, has made it known that he opposes the continuation or expansion of unemployment compensation because it promotes an “entitlement” mentality!

This is his view despite the fact that we have had the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression for the past two and a half years!

And yet while he now enunciates this hard hearted view, it turns out that his own wife received unemployment compensation recently, even though Joe Miller is a successful attorney and therefore did not need for his wife to take such an “entitlement” to make ends meet! šŸ™

But Joe Miller has no shame at “taking” government money, but wishes to deny it to those who desperately need it!

What hypocrisy and gall on Joe Miller’s part, and another reason for the voters of Alaska to repudiate his candidacy for the US Senate this November!

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