Is Glenn Beck The New Joseph McCarthy? :(

Talk show host Glenn Beck spoke yesterday about the Progressive rally on the Washington Mall last Saturday, and he introduced an element of McCarthyism to the vicious attack that he has been delivering for the past two years against President Barack Obama!

The fact that a small element of the mass of people who showed up for the rally happened to be identifiable as “Communists” led Beck to claim that President Obama is being given advice by “Communists”, a totally preposterous charge!

There is absolutely no evidence of such an accusation, but it sounds suspiciously like Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, who ran rampant for almost five years from early 1950 to late 1954, accusing everyone within reach of being either a “Communist” or “soft on Communism”, including President Harry Truman! 🙁

One would think that such a ridiculous charge was long gone as a dirty tactic, but it looks as if Glenn Beck has no limits in his character assassination of President Obama! 🙁

It just adds to Glenn Beck’s image as an irresponsible, reckless demagogue of the first order! 🙁

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