Day: September 3, 2010

Are Young People And College Students Abandoning Democrats?

A new poll indicates that young people and college students, who tended to move in the direction of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in 2008, may be moving away from loyalty this year!

This is actually somewhat understandable, as the job market and the economic future is very gloomy, and Obama and the Democrats have not been able to turn the tide in 19 months in office!

But at the same time, it is more a lack of knowledge of history and current events that might be leading young people and college students to move away, as if they look at what brought about this Great Recession, and realized that the opposition Republican Party refused to cooperate with Obama to promote economic recovery, preferring to obstruct and promote his “Waterloo’, then they would not be considering voting Republican!

Also, since it seems so many young people and college students are socially liberal in nature, any study of the two political party platforms, and the actions and utterances of Republicans, would make it clear that they are NOT socially liberal, in fact far from it!

It is probably more likely that young people and college students might be moving toward being Independents, not registering with either party, and leaving their options open!

However, of course, one of the shortcomings of being registered Independent in almost all states is that a voter halves his or her voting power, as such voters may not participate in primaries!

It seems likely, that over time, many of these young people and college students may finally realize that, based on social issues, and the efforts and intention of Barack Obama and the Democrats to revive the economy despite GOP obstructionism, that it makes sense NOT to vote Republican and award their negativism, and instead support this President who has their best interests at heart!

The Total Arrogance Of Republican Politicians! :(

We are now witnessing total arrogance of Republican politicians, feeling no need to face news media or participate in debates, and yet expecting the voters to elect or reelect them! 🙁

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had a “brain freeze” at a debate with her opponent, Attorney General Terry Goddard, yesterday, but more significant than that, was that she refused to answer his charge that she had fabricated the idea that headless corpses have been found in the Arizona desert, an assertion that has been denied by county governments near the border with Mexico, but constantly repeated by Brewer as a way to stir up support for the immigration law passed by Arizona and now in litigation!

As a result of the embarrassing “brain freeze”, Brewer has now declared that she will not participate in any more debates during the campaign! What gall and nerve, and it should be rewarded by the voters defeating this woman who is best at lying and being a demagogue than governing the state in a competent manner! 🙁

In Florida, gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott, who spent $50 million of his fortune to win the GOP nomination, now refuses to debate Democratic nominee Alex Sink, and has shown a high level of arrogance, including referring to himself as the “bald, handsome guy!”

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul and Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle have both refused to be interviewed by mainstream media, favoring Fox News Channel only!

None of these or other candidates have any solution to the problems their states or the nation faces, but they seem to think they can ride on the discontent of the population to win office without having to deal with hard questions and real challenges as to their competence for office!

Hopefully, the people of these states and across the nation are not going to reward these arrogant politicians with the responsibility for high office!

The Hillary Clinton 2012 Presidential Commercial: What Does It Mean?

Yesterday, a Chicago dentist paid for a commercial that is stirring a lot of discussion, proposing that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton run for President in 2012, replacing President Barack Obama!

This activity was NOT promoted by Hillary Clinton, but is stimulated by this person’s loyalty to her, plus the problems that are now faced by President Obama, due to the weak economy and the predictions that the Republican Party will win control of the House of Representatives, and long shot chances to win the US Senate!

Hillary Clinton has made clear that she does NOT plan to run for President again, that she has been through that, and has no desire to do that again! Of course, it is nothing new that politicians declare they are not interested in running for President, and then proceed to do just that!

Of course, there have also been proposals and speculation that Obama might tap Clinton to run for Vice President for the second term, replacing Joe Biden!

It seems clear that there is no possibility of the first scenario, and only a very slight possibility that the second situation might occur!

It has not been possible for a challenger to a President within his own party to defeat the President for the nomination, with well known politicians including Theodore Roosevelt in 1912, Ronald Reagan in 1976, Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown in 1980, and Pat Buchanan in 1992, having only accomplished the defeats of Presidents William Howard Taft, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H. W. Bush!

As far as Vice Presidents being replaced, it has been extremely rare, even if the person involved was seen as a weak figure, such as Spiro Agnew in 1972 and Dan Quayle in 1992. When Gerald Ford decided to replace Nelson Rockefeller with Bob Dole in 1976, it actually seems to have undermined his chance at reelection, on top of the challenge from Ronald Reagan earlier in that year!

So despite the wishes of some to see Hillary Clinton on the national ticket in 2012, it is extremely unlikely it will happen, but should Hillary Clinton want to run in 2016, her record so far and moving forward as Secretary of State, should put her in good position to do so six years from now!