Day: September 21, 2010

Disgraceful Refusal of US Senate To End “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” And Approve DREAM Act! :(

The US Senate had the opportunity today to do what was right: finally pass the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in the military, which the top military leaders support; and approve the DREAM Act, giving children of illegal immigrants who have become adults, to move toward citizenship by finishing high school and either going to college for two years or joining the military! The purpose is to give these young people the opportunity to serve their country, and be treated as equals, since the fact that their parents may be illegal should not be used to discriminate against them and their future!

But the motion failed 56-43, with not one single Republican–not Olympia Snowe nor Susan Collins of Maine, George Voinovich of Ohio, Richard Lugar of Indiana, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. or any others who are not totally right wing extremists–including John McCain of Arizona–willing to be fair and reasoned on these issues, but instead playing politics and continuing the total refusal of Republicans to do what is right! 🙁

There is now the possibility that neither of these significant reforms will make it through Congress this year, although they might at the “lame duck” session after the midterm elections in November!

But assuming major GOP gains, it might NOT happen, and might have a gloomy future on both counts in the next Congress!

What a sad day this is for America–further evidence of no sense of righteousness and fair justice! 🙁

Economic Policies Under Review As Advisers Leave Obama Administration!

It seems likely that major economic policy changes are coming soon, partially as a result of the upcoming midterm elections, and partially over the inability so far for the Obama Administration to deal with the constant unemployment numbers, now 9.6 percent, and possibly going up to over 10 percent! 🙁

Yesterday, economic experts said the Great Recession is over, and that it ended in June 2009, after 18 months, starting in December 2007! This is the longest recession since World War II, with the 1973-75 and 1982-83 recessions officially lasting 16 months!

But it is very hard to believe that the recession is over, with so little job growth and the horrible housing market, so it is time to change people and policy!

Nevada, Michigan and California have between 12-14 percent unemployment, and Florida is close to 12 percent, and this is what is killing the Obama popularity in the public opinion polls!

So Larry Summers is leaving, joining earlier departures of Peter Orszag and Christina Romer. This means only Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner remains from the original economic team, and one would not be surprised if he left sooner, rather than later!

It is clear that unless the economy starts to turn around in 2011, no matter whether the Democrats retain or lose Congressional control, Barack Obama will be in deep trouble for re-election in 2012! The forecast is not promising! 🙁