Day: September 2, 2010

America At The End Of World War II And Today–65 Years Later!

World War II ended on this day, September 2, 1945–65 years ago!

America was at its peak of power and on its way to its greatest prosperity, after having suffered through the Great Depression!

Now, America is in the midst of the Great Recession, the greatest economic collapse since the 1930s, and it is challenged by other nations, and has participated in wars it has not been able to win!

The country is bitterly divided as to what its role in the world should be, and how it should deal with its numerous domestic problems!

There is no sense of unity or purpose, and the future is cloudy as to the power, role, and significance of the United States!

This is a time to reflect on the events of 65 years ago, and for Americans to consider how to continue to promote a future America with a sense of pride and hope, the prevalent mood back in 1945!

It is time to stop fighting and to unite behind the concept of joint goals, no matter what political persuasion, what ethnicity, what race, what religion, what part of the nation one lives in!

We all have a responsibility to leave this country better that what it is today for our children and grandchildren!

Alaska GOP Goes Right Wing Tea Party Radical: Joe Miller, Sarah Palin’s Choice! :(

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin triumphed in her home state yesterday, successfully defeating Senator Lisa Murkowski’s bid for renomination, just as she personally defeated Senator Murkowski’s father, Governor Frank Murkowski when he ran for renomination in 2006!

In so doing, Palin presented us with the most extreme right wing radical candidate yet in Senate races this year–more so, imagine this, than Sharron Angle of Nevada and Rand Paul of Kentucky! 🙁

Joe Miller came out of “nowhere”, but with Palin’s backing, gained the nomination in a close contest, winning by fewer than 1,700 votes over a Senator who could be regarded as somewhat of a moderate!

But what does Joe Miller represent? He represents a belief that we should return to “basic principles”, meaning a LITERAL view of the Constitution, meaning no federal government other than defense and security, and a return to states rights, even though that was supposedly settled by the Civil War 150 years ago! 🙁

Miller is the most extreme Tea Party candidate of all running this year! Realize what Miller is promoting specifically!

He advocates no unemployment compensation, complete privatization of Social Security, the end of Medicare and Medicaid, and closing down many federal government agencies!

However, the government MUST have the right to force a woman who has been raped to bear the child of her rapist! 🙁

The Democrats have nominated Sitka Mayor Scott McAdam, who normally as a Democrat, would have had no chance for election against a comparative moderate such as Lisa Murkowski!

But now there is a fighting chance that McAdam, if he is given sufficient financial support in a state with such a small population as Alaska, might have a shot at defeating Miller!

Hopefully this will happen, because Miller is the nuttiest and whackiest of all GOP candidates for the Senate this year, bar none! 🙁

It would also be a way to slap Sarah Palin down, as backing such a candidate makes one wonder about her own sanity and fitness for political office! 🙁