Day: September 23, 2010

The GOP “Pledge To America”! A Ponzi Scheme! :(

The Republican Party has just come out with a “Pledge To America”, similar in concept to the “Contract With America” introduced by Newt Gingrich in the 1994 election cycle, when they won control of both houses of Congress!

The emphasis is on repeal of the health care law, cutting of taxes, cutting of spending, and legislation to outlaw all abortions!

The GOP has no solution to the issue of balancing the budget or dealing with the deficit, and it wishes to take away the concept of children being on their parents’ medical plan to age 26, coverage of preexisting conditions for sick children, and no limit on lifetime care, among other points of the health care law!

The GOP is using the abortion issue to draw religious voters into their coalition, but are offering no new ideas on the economy, but instead the same old failed policies that led to a doubling of the national debt under George W. Bush!

They are bankrupt of new ideas, and are counting on amnesia to convince voters that the Republicans are a better choice than the most productive two year Congress since 1965-1966!

What a sad state of affairs, and hopefully, the American people will not be bamboozled to go backwards! 🙁 No more Ponzi schemes, please! 🙁