Day: September 1, 2010

How Obama Can Revive Democratic Party Hopes In The Midterm Elections!

The Democrats are alarmed at the most recent Gallup polls that indicate a major shift toward the Republican Party for the midterm elections!

There is obviously the likelihood that the opposition party will gain seats in both houses of Congress, but that does not mean it has to an electoral “Armageddon”!

Obama, along with all members of his party who are running for election or reelection, needs to change strategy and tactics and show the electorate that they have been fighting for them and will not give in to Republican demagoguery!

The President must stop being so intellectual and gentlemanly, as that obviously does not work!

He must be focused and disciplined about emphasizing the progress that has been made in the past 19 months!

Obama needs to simplify and communicate his message better, and in that sense, seem like Ronald Reagan, who was the Great Communicator!

Obama needs to use the teleprompter less often, and learn to communicate his message more directly, and show emotion and commitment, even if he does not use the precise words he has planned to utilize!

He needs to show that he is willing to fight, go on the offensive as Harry Truman was excellent in doing in his years in the Presidency!

Obama needs to appeal to independents about his positive vision for the future, and work hard to win them back for the Democratic party!

Obama was able to rally people to vote in 2008, and he needs to get the “fire in his belly” again to limit losses in 2010!

Obama needs to remind people why they voted for him two years ago, and electrify the debate over the future in the next two months!

If he does all of the above, the losses in November will be minimal, rather than catastrophic!

Glenn Beck Becomes The Leading Demagogue In America! :(

Glenn Beck has been on a rampage lately, condemning Christianity that promotes social and economic justice, rewriting American history to such an extent that it is unrecognizable, and critical of movements that promoted advancement of equal rights for racial and ethnic minorities, women, and gays! 🙁

When ignorant people think they are being educated about American history and religion from Glenn Beck, including on his web based university (a great money maker), we are in a sad state, as Beck totally distorts reality, and has the ability to manipulate and sway people who have no clue as to what is the truth about everything Beck enunciates!

Beck distorts the Founding Fathers, and condemns any President who promotes reform, and hails conservatives such as Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, and Ronald Reagan who set back progress in so many ways!

When Beck tried to claim, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s I have a dream speech, that he was reviving what King did, it was a total fabrication, as King denounced states rights, which had led to discrimination, nullification and interposition claims, and Jim Crow segregation in the South! But now Beck and his Tea Party and Fox News followers glorify exactly what King denounced! 🙁

Beck is a very dangerous man, as he stirs up mostly older white people to hate everyone else, and to try to “take back” America! If those who believe in progressive reform and change, and advancement of civil rights and civil liberties remain silent, then lunatics such as Beck will succeed in distorting our freedom of religion, our education system, and our civil harmony! 🙁

Beck is exploiting for his own financial benefit and his own sick ego, and he must be answered and challenged, rather than ignoring him and giving him slack!

Beck is coming close to the Supreme Court definition in Schenck V. US (1919) of speech becoming a “clear and present danger”–that is, speech which provokes and endangers, as in the concept of shouting fire in a crowded theater! He could very well incite loony followers to engage in violence, with him having no motivation except his own aggrandizement! 🙁