Glenn Beck Becomes The Leading Demagogue In America! :(

Glenn Beck has been on a rampage lately, condemning Christianity that promotes social and economic justice, rewriting American history to such an extent that it is unrecognizable, and critical of movements that promoted advancement of equal rights for racial and ethnic minorities, women, and gays! 🙁

When ignorant people think they are being educated about American history and religion from Glenn Beck, including on his web based university (a great money maker), we are in a sad state, as Beck totally distorts reality, and has the ability to manipulate and sway people who have no clue as to what is the truth about everything Beck enunciates!

Beck distorts the Founding Fathers, and condemns any President who promotes reform, and hails conservatives such as Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, and Ronald Reagan who set back progress in so many ways!

When Beck tried to claim, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s I have a dream speech, that he was reviving what King did, it was a total fabrication, as King denounced states rights, which had led to discrimination, nullification and interposition claims, and Jim Crow segregation in the South! But now Beck and his Tea Party and Fox News followers glorify exactly what King denounced! 🙁

Beck is a very dangerous man, as he stirs up mostly older white people to hate everyone else, and to try to “take back” America! If those who believe in progressive reform and change, and advancement of civil rights and civil liberties remain silent, then lunatics such as Beck will succeed in distorting our freedom of religion, our education system, and our civil harmony! 🙁

Beck is exploiting for his own financial benefit and his own sick ego, and he must be answered and challenged, rather than ignoring him and giving him slack!

Beck is coming close to the Supreme Court definition in Schenck V. US (1919) of speech becoming a “clear and present danger”–that is, speech which provokes and endangers, as in the concept of shouting fire in a crowded theater! He could very well incite loony followers to engage in violence, with him having no motivation except his own aggrandizement! 🙁

2 comments on “Glenn Beck Becomes The Leading Demagogue In America! :(

  1. Jolo Sturo September 6, 2010 6:42 pm

    Great article that says it all and says it very well.

  2. Tony Artero September 10, 2010 10:40 pm

    OpEd on Saving America

    Sept. 11, 2010

    Don’t cry for me Guam
    By Tony Artero

    Be as it may, but there is neither truth nor substance in the attitude and points of view of the Hay Study Group. It parallels the Joint Guam Program Office’s voluminous and erroneous draft Environmental Impact Statement and final EIS documents for the military buildup. What the Hay Group is recommending is exactly what’s wrong in Guam and America. The Hay Study Group must have been paid at the same rate per page as that paid to the EIS group if not more. Government officials are always thinking of themselves and ignoring the injustices done to the people at all cost.

    Present-day movers and shakers have no respect to the struggles that made America what it is. Government actions, such as these, are deceptive yet, they preach transparency. Governments, both local and federal, have been growing in leaps and bounds since after WWII pushing the country in the wrong direction. Local and federal governments are now too big for their breeches and in nightmare proportions. Pay rises for them, endorsed by the Hay Group, especially during this global economic chaos is a humongous financial burden, only further aggravates the staggering deficit.

    Since the end of WWII, governments have been a major source of job growth. Over the past sixty-six years, the federal and local governments on Guam, by design, are the places for employment, but performance, at best, is poor. Testimony is now everywhere in our poor socioeconomic, environment, law and order conditions. Imagine, [WE] survived atrocities during the 32 months of Japan’s brutal occupation in WWII without outside help and no one died of starvation. Today without food stamps and subsidized housing many will die.

    The politicians eloquently babbled about their accomplishments and “progress,” but Guam and America continue to spiral downward. At the same time, they continue to shun their responsibilities, address rhetoric while their arrogance, machismo, and greed march on, even after the catastrophic 9-11 attacks that destroyed the Pentagon as well with casualties. In fact, politicians have increased their attacks on democracy and further subverted economic freedoms under “Homeland Security,” yet, “security” is more questionable now.

    Politicians talk about growing the economy as if they can create something from nothing, but, increase taxes and borrow money to pay for operation. Those actions are never a solution to economic growth, lowering unemployment, much less prosperity. Then they rationalized and candy coated their wrong action calling it “stimulus.” The problem on Guam and in America is the government. Doing the right thing is way overdue. Doing wrong things is legislated standard, which include murder and same sex marriage.

    It’s time for all elected officials to start doing the right thing and show real patriotism before it is too late. On account of the bloated local and federal governments, the people are crying for at least a 25 percent cut in government wages and pensions across the board. This is just the opposite of the insensible Hay Study recommendation, but professionally rationalized like the EIS.

    First and foremost, however, the government must downsize. The best government anywhere is less government. The repeal of “Homeland Security,” must be part of the federal downsizing together with the moving of the Marines from Japan back to the U.S. mainland. The downsizing, the cuts, and property rights restored together with the reduction in taxation, although not “politically correct,” will prevent the “Debt Bomb” from exploding. The people don’t want the debt bomb to explode. Politicians must stop pushing America to fall.

    When this mission is accomplished, it will restore productivity and prosperity. The Hay Study Group’s recommendation may be applied then, not before, and no American here on Guam where America’s day begins or anywhere for that matter, would cry.

    Tony Artero, Submariner – US Navy (Ret.)
    Agana Heights, Guam, Ph: 671-477-1985
    Tacoma, WA, Ph: 253-476-3161

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