Day: September 16, 2010

Time For Obama Voters Of 2008 To Recognize Need To Vote In 2010!

Every indication is that opponents of Barack Obama, including Republicans and conservatives and Tea Party Movement activists, and many independents, are enthused and motivated to vote, in order to paralyze the President’s agenda, and also to attempt a repeal of much of what he has been able to accomplish domestically, despite the Great Recession we are experiencing! 🙁

The lack of motivation, and the high level of apathy among Democrats and progressives, is threatening any possibility of further achievements in the next two years, including dealing with the economic suffering of millions of Americans! 🙁

Many are unhappy that the Great Recession is still very serious, and many are disillusioned that much of what they hoped would happen, has not occurred!

Many wanted a stronger health care law, and a more severe control of Wall Street! Many wanted to see quicker action on gay rights and many other social issues! Many wanted Barack Obama to be much more to the left than he has been!

BUT, if these Democrats and progressives “sit on their hands” and refuse to give financial support and vote for the party in the midterm elections, the result will be a greater blow to what these activists want!

This is not an ideal world, and while many on the left might wish Obama had done more of his agenda, they need to understand that everything that has been accomplished could be negated if the right wing wins the election, leading to total stalemate and gridlock between a potential GOP Congress and a Democratic President over the next two years! 🙁

What the author has just asserted was also echoed by Vice President Joe Biden last evening in an interview on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC!