Are Young People And College Students Abandoning Democrats?

A new poll indicates that young people and college students, who tended to move in the direction of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in 2008, may be moving away from loyalty this year!

This is actually somewhat understandable, as the job market and the economic future is very gloomy, and Obama and the Democrats have not been able to turn the tide in 19 months in office!

But at the same time, it is more a lack of knowledge of history and current events that might be leading young people and college students to move away, as if they look at what brought about this Great Recession, and realized that the opposition Republican Party refused to cooperate with Obama to promote economic recovery, preferring to obstruct and promote his “Waterloo’, then they would not be considering voting Republican!

Also, since it seems so many young people and college students are socially liberal in nature, any study of the two political party platforms, and the actions and utterances of Republicans, would make it clear that they are NOT socially liberal, in fact far from it!

It is probably more likely that young people and college students might be moving toward being Independents, not registering with either party, and leaving their options open!

However, of course, one of the shortcomings of being registered Independent in almost all states is that a voter halves his or her voting power, as such voters may not participate in primaries!

It seems likely, that over time, many of these young people and college students may finally realize that, based on social issues, and the efforts and intention of Barack Obama and the Democrats to revive the economy despite GOP obstructionism, that it makes sense NOT to vote Republican and award their negativism, and instead support this President who has their best interests at heart!

One comment on “Are Young People And College Students Abandoning Democrats?

  1. David September 4, 2010 3:03 pm

    You’re absolutely right about that! However, it probably also stems from watching Democrats argue with one another. With a majority in Congress, the Democrats should vote to ban the Republican Party. Let’s start a new Era of Good Feelings. Then, let’s cleanse the Democratic Party of all of its conservative elements. Let those conservative Democrats start a new party. Then the voters will finally be able to recognize the Democrats as the Party of the People!

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