Skepticism That BP Oil Spill Is No Longer A Crisis! :(

Just as the BP Oil Spill Crisis seems to be reaching its end, in regards to capping the well, the US government is informing us that the oil spillage, the massive amount of 4.9 million barrels by latest estimate, poses very little threat, as only 26 percent of the oil spilled is still in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or onshore in a form that could do harm! Supposedly, the damage that could be done on the surface or under the surface of the waters is minimal, and the oil is evaporating and dispersing rapidly!

Of course, no one knows for sure the effect on the people of the Gulf and their livelihoods, which seems long term! Also, there is no answer yet to the effect on sea life–fish, crabs, shrimp and birds–that have been affected by the oil spill, as to their long term impact on the eggs and larvae of these species!

The damage to the environment and economy of the Gulf States, long term and short term, cannot yet be measured! The relief effort by BP and the federal and state governments may have succeeded to some extent, but still one has to wonder whether the government scientists and experts are correct, or if BP will be somehow let off the hook for long term damage that cannot yet be assessed! šŸ™

It seems to the author that the media must continue to monitor and report on the situation, and not let the company or the federal government dismiss the issue as no longer a big deal, as the suspicion is clear that both want to get past this issue without clear cut responsibilities being taken for the damages done! šŸ™

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