A Detailed Response To My Critics On Illegal Immigration!

The author of this blog has been writing and presenting his viewpoints on all kinds of political and historical issues for almost two years now, but never has there been the kind of reaction that occurred yesterday after I published an entry on the Arizona immigration legislation and Governor Jan Brewer!

The reaction was so “thick and fast” that I have to believe that someone saw it, was angered by it, and spread the word to a whole group with similar sentiments! Honestly, I never thought that my blog was spreading that “far and wide”, and that reactions could be so numerous in such a short span of time!

I had a couple of people who responded who seemed to think that I was refusing to publish what they said, which was certainly NOT TRUE! 🙂 I just wanted to wait till the fury calmed down and everyone had had their chance to vent, and that is why I am now responding!

I never realized that those two words , NOT TRUE, would infuriate and irritate so many people, and please understand it was NOT my intention to anger and alienate people by use of that term, but my point is that there is much evidence from sources such as CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, the Arizona Republic, and public officials in Arizona itself that show that there have been exaggerations in reports of what is going on in that state!

Let me make it clear: I have not been in Arizona, and obviously, I do NOT have first hand evidence on what is going on, but am relying on media sources which MAY be manipulating the reality there! I do NOT claim that any media source is absolute truth, and I have been struck by the personal stories that many of the critics presented, and it does not make me happy to see that at least some people are experiencing “hell” from the Mexican drug cartels and the constant flow of illegal immigrants into the Southwest!

Understand that I do not support the continuation of illegal immigration, and feel that the US government MUST DO MUCH MORE to deal with the crisis, including thousands more National Guardsmen, and insisting that the Mexican government do more to deal with the crisis on the border!

Mexico has become a national security problem of the highest order, the most since the Mexican Revolution period of 1910-1920, and we MUST do more to crack down on the crime problem and the drug crisis!

But at the same time, to believe, somehow, that our country can literally deport maybe 12 million people is unrealistic, so a path to eventual citizenship after paying fines, paying back taxes, learning English, proving ability to hold down a job, and waiting in line for years for citizenship, is essential, and is basically the “old” McCain-Bush-Kennedy immigration reform bill of 2007!

And to say that because illegal immigrants have children in this country, that therefore those children should be denied citizenship, defies the 14th Amendment! It is frustrating, but should the “sins” of the parents be visited on their children? I do not think that is just, and is against the American way!

Let me also say that I have no intention of resigning as a commentator on this blog, or leaving my teaching positions, as I have had a great impact on generations of students and teach a balanced curriculum based on facts and information, not propaganda as we hear and see on talk radio and Fox News Channel! I make history and politics come alive, and have had hundreds of students over the years tell me that I had a great positive effect on them!

Let me also say that I am NOT a Marxist, a Communist, a Socialist, and am not that derogatory term used by one of the respondents (a spic), a term that sickens me!

Why is it that people have to use racist and derogatory terms about people they do not understand or know? 🙁 Why can’t people accept that we are all “God’s Children”, and treat all people of all nationalities and ethnicities and religions as being as “good” as we are? Particularly disturbing are those who would say they are religious people, but have no problem in trashing others who are different from them! 🙁

Also, let me make it clear that I am not connected to the Obama Administration; do not have my job due to them; and that I do not have favored tax treatment, and never had had such! 🙂

I am also disturbed that personal attacks are seen as necessary by some of the respondents, calling me a “dumbass”, a “jerk”, an “a___h___”, an “idiot”, and using the F word and S word as well! All this does is make the person saying or writing this lose all legitimacy!

Why can’t people who disagree do so in an agreeable way? And why do some see it as essential to use capital letters, which means they are shouting and yelling, instead of being civil?

I want to thank the more civil respondents who gave me other sources or ideas to investigate this topic! I also am saddened by the difficulties that people on the border are apparently suffering, and I hope this whole crisis can be resolved by legislation in Congress this year or next year, but to do so, the Republicans have to be willing to contribute, rather than be obstructionist, as they have constantly been throughout the 18 months of the Obama Administration!

Finally, even if you are not happy with President Obama, we should all hope for his success and wish him well, rather than ill, as this is our country, for all of us on all sides of the political spectrum!

We need to unite and deal with the problems facing our country, rather than snipe at each other! We need civil discourse, and I hope to contribute to that as I have attempted to do all along on this blog!

Yes, I am a progressive and a liberal, but that is not anti American! I have the right to my views, and again, I welcome your responses, all of you who read this blog, but please be respectful and civil as I aim to do! I wish to promote discussion and debate, but not anger and fury!

Oh, by the way, I am also NOT a traitor; am NOT an illegal immigrant and have no relatives who are illegal immigrants; don’t wish to live in Mexico, Iraq, or Russia; and feel that while English is our major language, all Americans need to learn Spanish as part of the reality in this nation, with Hispanics now the largest minority in America! In Canada, there are dual languages (English and French), and elsewhere most people learn English as well as their native language! We need to stop hating the world and realize we are a very small part of this world, about FIVE PERCENT, and we have to be part of the world, not isolate ourselves in bitterness!

I have said what I needed to say, and I hope this entry will clarify matters for all who read my blog! 🙂

17 comments on “A Detailed Response To My Critics On Illegal Immigration!

  1. Amercian Hispanic July 12, 2010 3:10 am

    Your response to critics is a solid response. I am a critic as well and though I cannot sit here and research everything you have written. From my own knowledge and personal experience, I believe you are wrong, not very wrong but wrong and I will try to hit a few of the points you made and hopefully you can understand those just as you are trying to make other understand your views.

    First and foremost, let’s get right to the Constitution. The constitution requires not ask, but requires that the government protect our borders from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Constitution protects our borders. It means that this country has borders. It is not saying that the illegal immigrants who cross our borders are the enemy but what it does say is that we DO have borders and laws regarding our borders must be enacted and enforced. That is the Constitution and refusal to uphold the Constitution or a violation of the Constitution is considered “Un-Constitutional”. Is it not? This is the biggest problem with those that refuse to understand that regardless of reason, no one and I mean NO ONE has the so called right to illegally enter our Country. So, let’s not get politically correct and use terms like “undocumented workers or undocumented migrates” Crossing the U.S. border without verification and permission from the government is an illegal act, Hence the terms “Illegal Immigrants or Illegal Aliens”.

    Now, let’s move on to the 14th Amendment. If you would be so kind as to read it in its entirety, you would know that there is a very important area that most like to omit when using this as a reason for “Anchor Babies”, and that is; “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. We all know or I should say that some of us know and others should know that the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were added after the civil war for the protection of the free’d slaves. They were subject to the jurisdiction thereof because they were forced here and there were attempts to send them back to Africa and this was addressed by these Amendments. Now, how can someone justify or say that an illegal that comes to the U.S. and gives birth to a baby is; “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” since that person is NOT a citizen or legal resident of the United States but a citizen and foreign national of another country who is illegal in the United States. So how can you and others attempt to hide behind the 14th Amendment when it suits the so called protection of Anchor Babies and ignore the rest of the Constitution when it comes to the protection of our borders because it does not suit your needs? Moving on.

    English is the language that binds us as a nation. We are and will always be a nation of immigrants. There is no denying or disputing that. When people like to omit the word illegal, they try to use this as if the American people are so called “Anti-Immigrant”. A weak attempt to omit, hide, erase or otherwise diminish the term illegal and once again, I will say that anyone in this country that has not sought lawful entry is in fact illegally here. A foolish attempt by the left and it only adds more fuel to the fire and keeps us from finding a solution to this problem. Back to English, we all speak English and this is how we communicate with each other. This is how laws and books are written. Pilots have to speak English to fly in U.S. airspace. It is the common denominator in uniting a diverse population. You HAVE to speak English when living in the United States. Your reasoning for having to speak Spanish is false. Speaking Spanish is great for those that want to but don’t confuse a desire to speak Spanish or any foreign language with America has to speak Spanish. You have it backwards. Anyone choosing to live in the United States HAS to learn to speak, read and write in English, period! Here is a bomb shell for you. I AM a Hispanic. I speak Spanish and I totally disagree with the so called rights of people entering this country illegally.

    Now, if you are still reading this, here is my second bomb shell. I agree we have to fix this mess. I disagree with those on the far right that want to deport all 11 – 20 million illegal immigrants here in the U.S. and strip the Anchor Babies of their U.S. Citizenship. I disagree with those on the far left calling for open borders and immediate amnesty for all illegal’s to “Bring them out of the shadows”. Law is written to protect people and to punish those that break it. We both know that all laws are not the same and that some laws are too far right and some are too far left. Breaking it because you don’t agree with it doesn’t protect you from it or in a court of law, so, yes criminals that break the law are hiding because they know they broke the law and don’t want to get caught. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law. We have laws and that is what continues to make this a nation great. The Constitution is a living document which means it changes. We can change law. I have not touched on every issue from the left or from the right because it would be a never ending process and a solution would not be obtained so on a quick note. I show my I.D. every where I go and it is not racist or demoralizing. It is needed for my protection and the protectio of others. Regardless of status, showing I.D. is not a bad thing. It is part of our way of life and those that refuse to show it usually have something to hide, like breaking the law.

    Now, after all the debate, I am actually going to give you MY solution to this mess and would like you to read it and tell me what you think about my solution. Please read it in its entirety.

    The U.S. Immigration Reform Act of 2011 aka The Illegal Immigrant Pact.

    1. Set a date and make being in the United States illegally a felony that will prevent someone from ever obtaining U.S. Citizenship and requires immediate deportation. No delays, no appeals unless that foreign nation is listed for political asylum.

    2. Secure our borders with 100% protection. Our Northern and Southern Borders along with our Western and Eastern Coast Line must be manned and monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure there are no attempts to smuggle anything or anyone into the United States that is illegal or unlawful.

    3. Define the 14th Amendment for clarity in stating that illegal immigrants that give birth to children in the United States or lying territories are NOT automatically given U.S. Citizenship because the parent was in the United States illegally. So the parent is not “In jurisdiction thereof” and therefore the child cannot be considered a U.S. Citizen.

    3. Once the border is 100% secured and monitored and the 14th Amendment is defined, we can begin the process of identifying those currently in the United States illegally for special legal residency. Below are the guild lines for special legal residency. This special legal residency will allow those that are currently in the country illegally and can establish proof of being in the country prior to the enactment of the felony law stated on paragraph 1 to apply for special legal residency. This is called special legal residency because it will allow those in the country illegally a legal path to stay in the United States as a legal resident with thress conditions; First, illegal immigrants can only apply for legal residency and can never apply or receive U.S. Citizenship due to being in the country illegally unless they fall under sub-section g of section C of paragraph 3. Second, special legal residents will not have the right to vote at any government level nor do they have the right to run for public office. Third, they can not sponsor anyone for entry into the United States. Here is the process to apply for special legal residency;

    A. Register as an illegal immigrant with the U.S. Census bureau to get a more accurate number of actual illegal immigrants in the U.S. Also, fingerprinting and information will be collected. This will not be used to deport anyone who is attempting to become a special legal resident. Those that refuse to register can leave the country of their own free will and can apply legally for legal residency or U.S. Citizenship from their country. Those that remain and refuse to comply will be deported for being in the United States illegally and for refusing to follow and uphold U.S. Immigration Law. They will not be arrested as felons but will be deported and banned from applying for special legal residency or any U.S. visa, guest worker program or any request that will allow entry into the U.S.

    B. Screen those that are criminals (any felony) for immediate deportation.

    C. Those whose have a misdemeanor offense(s) will be address in a case by case basis. Those whose ONLY crime was illegal entry into the United States can apply for a special legal residency under the following conditions;

    a. Must acknowledge that they have broken the law by entering the United States Illegally and pay a $2750.00 fine. This fine will be used to help offset the cost of Special Legal Resident applications. Agree to special legal residency which does not allow for U.S. Citizenship, voting at any government level or the ability to run for office at any government level or sponser anyone for entry into the United States. All other benefits and rights afforded U.S. Citizens and Legal Residents will be afforded to Special Legal Residents. This is the punishment for entering into the United States illegally and cannot be challenged in a court of law and will not be accepted by a court of law. This is the law. Attempts to seek U.S. Citizenship, voting, running for government office or attempting to sponsor someone for entry into the United States can and will result in the revolking of Special Legal Residency and immediate deportation.

    b. Must speak, read and write reasonable English. Register for ESL (English as a second language) and complete the course which must be college level or equivalent and be completed within 6 months. There are no limits to taking the course but the course must be completed before special legal residency is granted. The course cannot be paid for by government funds at any level or by any businesses unless employeed by that business. Out of pocket, donations from individuals or assistance from nonprofit organizations is accepted. This cannot be used as a tax write off.

    c. Must pass a heath exam. Any person that can or will cause health related illnesses’ to the American public will not be allowed to remain in the United States and must be quarantined prior to deportation.
    d. Must pay back taxes. These back taxes will be used to help offset the cost of Special Legal Resident applications. The IRS will set up a special tax bracket for those in the country illegally to determine the amount of taxes due. The taxes cannot exceed $250,000.00 nor be less than $2,500.00 per individual (no family or other tax breaks) for all persons over the age of 18. Those under the age of 18 will be exempt from paying any back taxes regardless of employment. Payment plans can be made depending on the amount owed but not to exceed 10 years for those who owe more than $ 100,000.00 and not more than 5 years for those that own $ 99,999.99 or less. Payment plans meet the back taxes requirement for special legal residency. This cannot be filed under bankruptcy and 3 consecutive missed payments can and will result in the revoking of special legal residency on a case by case basis.

    e. A date must be set after all other legal applications filed to ensure there are no short cuts and those applying legally are addressed first. Once all of the above conditions have been met, the application for special legal residency can be submitted for processing.

    f. Once the application is approved. A social security card, legal resident card and I.D. will be issued. All rights and privileges afforded to U.S. Citizens and Legal Residents will be afforded to Special Legal Residents other than the right to apply for U.S. Citizenship, vote at any government level or run for office at any government level.

    g. Special Legal Residents that honorably serve in the United States Military (Army, Navy, Marine Corp or Air Force) only for a period of no less than 10 years can apply for U.S. Citizenship. Honorable discharge must show Honorable at the time of separation to be eligible for U.S. Citizenship.

    h. Special legal residents that are convicted of a felony will will have their legal residency status revoked and will be deported. Those convicted of a misdermeanor will be addressed on a case by case basis. All U.S. Citizens and legal residents must uphold the law.

    4. This reform act must be amended into the U.S. Constitution to ensure that Congress enacts a budget for the enforcement if immigration laws, monitoring of our borders and coast and for the cost to process the Special Legal Residency applications what will allow illegal immigrants a path to legal status only within the United States and is upheld by the U.S. Constitution to prevent what is happing now and a repeat of the 1986 Amnesty pact that allowed over 3 million illegal immigrants instant U.S. Citizenship without ever enforcing the border. This will also ensure that our borders remain secure and future attempts by people entering the United States illegally will not be tolerated.

    That is my solution. It is somewhat harsh and I believe in needs to be order to get a majority of the American people (65% or better) to support this and to ensure that there is no repeat of this issue. It’s not perfect and does not have all the legal mumbo jumbo but it’s to the point. A little tweaking here or there may be in order but the definition and intension of this law is very clear and I do believe that if this approach was taken, there would be a vast majority that would support if from the right’s view of enforce our borders and from the left’s view to give a legal status to those here illegally. It will not however receive support from the far left or the far right. Let them bicker all they want. I want a solution and this one works for me. As Mr. O’Reilly would say, “What say you?”
    P.S. forgive the type’os and what not.

    An American of Hispanic decent and proud of it!

  2. Ronald July 12, 2010 7:36 am

    I want to commend you for your careful analysis and thoughts on this extremely controversial topic! 🙂 At least, you are willing to be rational and reasonable in the way you express yourself, and I deeply appreciate that! 🙂

    Actually, I feel your solution to the problem is one that should be seriously considered by the US Congress and the White House, and I suggest that you forward this proposal of yours to both the executive and legislative branches of our government.

    You say your solution is somewhat harsh, but I think it is indeed important that we make the concept of immigrants coming in illegally something that is understood not to be acceptable, and that there are consequences to be paid for that illegal action!

    Thanks again for your ideas and feel free to comment further on this or other topics I write about! 🙂

  3. American Hispanic July 12, 2010 9:18 am

    There is fire from both camps and the smoke is blinding the American people. Though I doubt my solution would be more than fodder for the politicians in Washington D.C., I am pleased in knowing that if something like this were to be proposed in reality, it would have your support…

  4. Fred July 12, 2010 6:05 pm

    How do you secure a border? I am of the opinion it is impossible to completely secure a border, much less all our borders. A large segment (not as large as the southwest) of immigrants enter through Florida. I wonder how many enter the country illegally from Canada which has a fairly liberal immigration policy? We have illegal immigrant entering from every possible avenue in this country via sea, land, and air. To fully close the borders of the United States would take more security agents than all the soldiers used in Viet Nam and still not prevent illegal entry.

  5. American Hispanic July 12, 2010 10:18 pm

    Not necessarly Fred. There can not be a 100% secure border anywhere. When I say 100%, I am refering to the act of doing all we can the best we can. When you have an estimated 1 million people per year streaming across the border, that is not secure. When you have a a few hundred peope per year streaming across the border, that is way more secure. There are many different types of ways to monitor the border. For instance, A dedicated satallite can monitor a huge section of the border with border patrol sectors designated at certain locations, the response from satallite to agents would be in minutes and from sectors to the location of the border would be in minutes as well. So, when we think about securing our borders, we need to think outside the box and use todays technology along with good ole man power and devise a plan that maximizes both. That is just one opinion I have. The Federal Government has the ways and means to complete this. They just need the want to factor…

  6. Fred July 13, 2010 7:42 am

    Actually, the latest failure in immigration control is the massive fence and camera system. The private firm which installed the system never could get the thing calibrated correctly and agents were sent scurrying after armadillos. The federal government discontinued the installation. However, let’s say we do have a satellite system in place. Just as foreign governments have learned not to allow any activity when the satellite is scanning a sector, so can illegal immigrants. However, even if they couldn’t, the manpower required to respond would be tremendous. Countering illegal immigration would soon rival social security in costs. We can certainly reduce the amount of illegal immigration but at what cost to the taxpayer? Taxes would have to skyrocket to cover the costs with no guarantee. Think of the number of people who receive a visa to legally enter the US and then simply disappear. The federal government (and state governments) have no way to monitor those individuals. Think of the sailors on board foreign vessels who are granted liberty and simply walk away.

  7. American Hispanic July 13, 2010 8:21 am

    There is no doubt that this is an up-hill battle to remedy the solution, simply because it has gone on for many, many years. Howbeit, once word is out that there is going to be 100% enforcement, and the ways and means to do it are put in place followed by the enforcement of all immigration laws past, current and/or future are enforced. We will begin to see the tide change and less, and less illegals will make the attempt knowing that enforcement is real, the attempts to catch them is real, the penalties to companies that hire them is real and more than anything, our laws are real. The message will be out and there will be a decline, small at first but it will grow as word grows of no jobs to get and more illegals are being arrested than ever before. That there will be no amensty and if you read my original assessment, I believe if a law like that is actually enforce. Our immigration problems will be a thing of the past.

    We will always be a nation of immigrants and those that apply legally will have the opportunity to become U.S. Citizens or legal residents. There will always be attempts to enter into this country illegally. If a law like the one I wrote actually becomes law, it will be minimal at best. I truly believe that and I am looking for a solution to that. Anyone can go round and round with this and that. I see we have a problem and I try to fix it. Think outside the box Fred. If done right and correct. We can officially and lawfully remove the word “illegal” from illegal immigration without being so called politically correct. All we have to do is enforce our laws. Past, present or future!

  8. Fred July 13, 2010 9:08 am

    I noticed an interesting shift in the immigration policy under Obama. Apparently, they are going straight to the corporations and companies that hire illegal immigrants, search their records, match SSN’s with visas, and then assess fines. They do not round up the immigrants as was the Bush policy. Apparently corporations companies are taking note and are now being a little more judicious in their hiring – making thorough background checks.

    Immigration has always been a double edged sword. A lot of the jobs illegal immigrant serve in are jobs that the majority of Americans would not take for the pay. That keeps the cost of labor down and the cost of the goods produced down. Blocking illegal immigration would certainly affect the bottom line of those companies and corporations and conversely be passed on to the consumer. Simple things like fruits, meats, and services would skyrocket. I find it interesting that many people opposed to illegal immigration are in bed with corporations and companies that live and die by illegal immigrants. Again, my argument is not that we should allow illegal immigration. It’s that if we stop it, we need to recognize the tremendous costs associated with it. Are we willing to pay for the costs of enforcement as well as the increased costs in goods and services. It’s a little like clean water. We can really make water clean and pure for human consumption but at a cost. As it is, people are not willing to pay for higher water prices for cleaner water (-the “my taxes are already too high” syndrome). The same with gasoline. We like our cars but are not willing to pay the price for their use. Illegal immigration is the same. Everyone is against it but are we really willing to pay the costs?

  9. American Hispanic July 13, 2010 10:54 am

    So many avenues have been created by looking the other way when it comes to illegal immigration. I’m for the age ole phrase. “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” There is truth in what you say to an extent. I do believe that illegals do the jobs Amercian’s won’t do. I also believe that American’s would not be running to fill those jobs should the illegal population go away. With that said, I don’t believe in the sky rocket prices that would be put into play. That is a myth like the so called massive “Racial Profiling.” If you look at pricing overall, it has been going up for years under the term inflation. Would there be an increase? Yes, a few bucks here and there but not the so called sky rocket prices that are being mentioned. No one would be buying a head of lettuce for $20.00 nor a tomato for $15.00 or a cucumber for $7.00. No one is going to pay those prices and thats a fact. Regardess of those that say it, this is not about trying to get American’s to fill jobs due to the economy (very weak effort). What is wanted is that these jobs be filled by legal employees working on the farms. Guest workers, valid visa holders. NOT illegals. So, no mater the cause or reason, illegal is the problem.

    Again, illegal immigration has gone unchecked for so many years (decades) that it has expanded into many different avenues. That is our fault. A solid overhaul of the system to include how we issue work visa’s and implement guest worker programs is part of the solution and the progress in removing “illegal” from illegal immigration. The focus here is to install a complete (not conpresensive) reform of the immigration laws to do four important things. 1-Make it clear that being in the country illegally is a crime and those that are illegal will be punished. 2-Create and enforce a complete overhaul that protects our borders and coast from future attempts to smuggle goods or persons into the United States illegaly (key for American support). 3-Establish rules to allow those here a chance (not a path) for legal residency with out the ability to apply for citizenship, vote or sponsorship. 4-Enacte a guest worker program that works! One that allows for the ebb and flow of migrates to come and go according to the work available. My plan (read my first comment) is one that would implement these things. The greater the need for labor, the more workers are accepted. A slowdown will limit the amounts of workers here. This works if it is all put together and all works together.

    You will not have people violating their visa because being an illegal would be a felony with jail time and then deporation. You would have law abiding migrates coming and going as work dictates. This will keep the so called sky rocket cost down and allow migrates to continue to work in the United States and even try to apply for citizenship if they so choose. As legal migrates.

    By making illegal immigration illegal. You remove the ability for illegals to get a job, get public assistance and back it up with real felony jail time. A majority of those thinking of crossing the border under those conditions would not attempt it. Right now they are being rewarded with under the table or off the book jobs, public schools and assistance. Hospital care and no worries about being caught for breaking the law because no one is enforcing the law. Now Arizona has passed SB1070 and look whats happening. They are so scared now because they know two things 1- They are illegal and have broken the law. 2- They are being checked for their immigration status and if they are illegal, they will be reported to the federal government. Imagine that, enforcing the law is actually making people worried! Thats why you hear all this rhetoric about racial profiling and abuse and family seperation and all the avenues that we allowed to be build falling apart because we turned a blind eye to it. How many American children have a parent in jail? Alot, and you know why? Because that parent broke the law. So why are there people that want all the compassion for illegals but not American citizens? I will tell you what I think. Because American citizens are held to a higher standard and will be punished for breaking the law. Illegal immigrants only so called crime is coming across the border illegally for a better life. If its a better life they seek, do it legally. This is the crux of the problem, It’s been said a million times and I will say it again. If I have to uphold the law, so should everyone else and if they dont, it is a crime and crimminals should and will be punished. Illegal is illegal!

    At the end of the day, no mater who says what or why. It is about being in this country illegally. That is the reason. That is my reason. It’s not about racism or non white or broken english or how we dress or what we eat or the way we congragate or our music. It’s about the law. I am hispanic and I speak spanish. I have brown skin and I look hispanic. I am an American Hispanic. I will show my I.D. when needed. I will answer questions when asked. I will do my part for my safety and the safety of others. I do not break the law and I will not support those that do…

  10. Ronald July 13, 2010 2:15 pm

    Wow, this discussion between you and Fred has become a real intellectual discussion, which has the basis for being considered in Congress, if only they would stop politicizing the issue, as they are prone to do, unfortunately! 🙁

    Again, American Hispanic, I applaud you for your reasoning and deep thought, and I find it interesting that not one of the original protesters this past weekend has had anything to say since I wrote my response, and you and Fred started debating the matter in civil terms!

    This is what bothers me most–emotions overflow and a lack of respect for opposing views emanates, and name calling and shouting and crude words are used–this is our biggest problem, not only on this issue, but so many others! 🙁

    So again, I thank both of you and would hope that the critics from last weekend would show a little civility and a little more rational behavior, as the way one conducts himself or herself in a debate or argument speaks legions about their character!

  11. American Hispanic July 13, 2010 11:38 pm

    Ronald, most people become passionate when it comes to a topic near and dear to them. I agree that the rhetoric from both sides continues to cloud the issue of illegal immigration. Democrates say the Republicans are blocking comprehensive reform. Well, Republicans say that the Democrates want to give amensty without enforcing our borders. So we are at a stale-mate. Those for SB 1070 (I’m for it) say it is to curb the continued flow of illegal immigration and restore the rule of law. Those against SB 1070 say it is racial profiling and that illegals only crime was entering this country illegally to do the jobs Americans won’t do. We have another stale-mate. I was suprised and pleased when you agreed with me that those that break the law should be punished. Now if more would agree with that, we would be able to address the next issue with illegal immigration, but alas, we are still stuck between those that say the law was broken and those that say it doesn’t matter.

    I have read some of your other articles and they at times bash the right. People like Shawn Hannity promote “The left can do no right, and the right can do no wrong.” I don’t agree. People like Nancy Peloci and Harry Reed want to enact laws and pacts that affort comfort for everyone but the American People. I don’t agree. President Obama (I voted for him) now has a chance to unite the American People, not with left leaning idea’s or right leaning idea’s but with the idea’s of the American People. “WE THE PEOPLE” No one can appease all, but when you refuse to appease the masses, you create a rift. Minority people are afforded the same protection as the masses. When one says that your rights are not as important is the rights of another, I am offended. This is where we now stand with illegal immigration. The American people are offended because their believe in upholding the law is being scrutinized by those that want to protect the law breakers. Name calling, phobe this and phobe that is being used to undermind the simple fact that a majority of the American people want the border secured first.

    So, even when we can sit down, or blog our differences in a civil manner. We nee to come to a solution to solve the problem. Both sides need to be able to agree with the other, compromise and reach a united solution. My compromise is written in my first comment. I will agree to allow those here illegally a chance for lega residency according to my first comment. With securing the borders FIRST! How many on the left are willing to agree to that?

  12. Ronald July 14, 2010 12:22 am

    Securing the borders is a massive undertaking, when one considers there is a 2,000 mile boundary between Mexico and the United States, and somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 miles between Canada and the United States, plus the Atlantic and Pacific boundaries which create a major problem for our Coast Guard!

    That is why I feel we need to pay more attention and give more funding and manpower to protection of our homeland from illegal immigration AND terrorism, and that having massive numbers of National Guardsmen and troops all over the world fighting wars in forbidden places such as Afghanistan contribute to the undermining of our security and safety!

  13. American Hispanic July 14, 2010 2:44 am

    Now this conversation is moving in the (right…lol!) correct direction. We have come to an agreement that being illegal in this country is a crime. We agree that we can not reward those that break the law but we need to enforce and punish those that break the law to make sure others do not follow suite in breaking the law. We agree that we cannot continue to allow the massave flow of illegal immigration to continue into this country. We agree that my idea on how to address those that broke the law should be punished and at the same time, be given an opportunity to become legal residents. Now we be begin the topic of securing our borders. This is a great achievement if even it is here on this blog.

    We tend to believe since the federal government has not been able to tackle and enforce immigration laws, that this is also the case for securing our borders. This is not true. This nation has the means and ways to do just that without the rumors of massive racial profiling, discrimmination, over burdened National Guard troops and trillion dollar spending. Now Ronald, all that I have written and all that I continue to write is what I believe, feel and think. Only my opinion is written here and mine alone.

    As I mentioned above with Fred, and is only an opinion from my knowledge and experience, we can dedicate a satalite or two or more that are stationed at specific locations and rotate with the earth at that same location to monitor movement at that location. We can have so called barracks overlapping areas. Provide these barracks with the proper tools, equipment and manpower to be able to respond and investigate areas that have movement and action taking place. All this can be done with minimal dollars, manpower and technology. We spend billions overseas, we can spend billions here. That is just one idea of many different possiblilites that can help secure our borders and coast line. This can be part of Presidents Obama’s pack with re-building our decaying infrastructure. Infrastructure that was built by Americans back in the 30’s and 40’s that is still used today but are neglected for service, repair and maintenance. We need an agressive rebuild American Pact that will fix our roads, bridges, highways, buildings and etc (Not to change the subject). This pact will include the securing of our borders and ports. We can provide the technology, resources, manpower and budget to do this. It is not a far fetched idea nor is it an excuse to discriminate against someone from another country. It is our right, OUR RIGHT as defined in the U.S. Constitution as a nation to secure our borders, determine who is allowed in and who is not allowed in. To create guest worker programs, to issue visa’s, legal residency and even U.S. Citizenship. To determine those nations that are entitled for political refugee status, to enact rules and laws that govern immigration, to provide the funding to ensure that the laws of this nation are enacted and enforced to protect the citizens of the United States. This is why we pay taxes.

    All I now propose is based on the Immigration Reform Act of 2011 that I have written above. Again, everything has to work together to achieve 100% secure borders. We can secure the border without being a so called military state. Our borders defines our Nation, they are the out-lining of our nation and states. With laws that make being in this country illegally a felony with jail time and deportation and laws that fine and punish businesses for hiring illegals and with solid guest worker, visa, etc programs that allow the ebb and flow of legal migrates access to jobs here in the United States, securing the border will be alot easier.

    Again, when people can sit down and discuss the problems at hand, find ways to come to a solution in resolving these problems, they become clearer and easier to solve. But as long as there is rhetoric from both sides and finger pointing and name calling, any attempt to create any kind of law will be met with resentment and back lash from one side or the other. The will of the American people can not be denied, nor can the so called rights of law breakers take precedence over the rights of the American people.

  14. Ronald July 14, 2010 7:19 am

    May I suggest that you communicate your thoughts to your Senators and Congressman? I am very serious, as you seem to have a series of ideas that could be the basis of an agreement! Who knows, you could be given the credit for the solution that leads ultimately to legislation! This would be true citizen participation to the hilt! 🙂

    You could end up as part of our history, and have CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel all want to interview you as the hero of this seemingly insoluble problem! LOL

    Although I am teasing you somewhat, I really am serious about you sharing your ideas with your congressional representatives!

  15. American Hispanic July 14, 2010 7:36 am

    I am sad to say that I do not have the faith in our three branches of government that I should. Just as you and I read all the rhetoric being posted on the internet, not a day goes by on FOX, CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets that show our representatives doing the same. Until I hear someone that follows my line in thinking of how we can address this issue, I’ll be fine blogging to you and others about it.

    I know there are those out there that want open borders and there are those that want all people of Spanish decent to leave American soil. There are those that will use this to advance racial profiling just as there are those that will use this to somehow reclaim land that was so called taken from them. Right now, just as you decided to wait for the rhetoric to die down on your previous post, I am waiting for that one member of congress that will step up to the podium and actually say. “I am going to present a bill that will touch on all angles of the illegal immigration issue. A bill that will secure our borders and coast first, punish those that cross our borders illegally but also provide a chance for legal residency only and rework the guest worker programs so they work.” Then, I can forward what I have written to that person and hopefully they can find real use out of it and help them achieve what I would like to see as The U.S. Immigration Reform Act of 2011.

    Then again, what I wrote isn’t rocket science and if all those members in congress plus all those college interns could not come up with something like what I wrote, we are in a world of trouble my friend.

  16. American Hispanic May 24, 2011 2:21 pm


    It has been about a year since we had this great discussion. As you can see and read, we are exactly were we were a year ago. No where! So, I have taken your advice and submitted this blog to the Speaker of The House: John Boehner.

    I don’t know if you agree or disagree with my choice but I feel that if anyone in Washington D.C. is actually serious about resolving this issue. I believe it is Mr. John Boehner. I have given President Obama plenty of time to resolve this issue and his speach in El Paso was more about politic’s than resolving this issue at hand.

    I can only hope that Mr. Boehner takes the time to read it. If nothing else, I hope he reads it…

    American Hispanic

  17. Ronald May 24, 2011 5:53 pm

    I have no issue with you submitting my blog entry on illegal immigration to Speaker John Boehner.

    If nothing else, it will give my blog some notice, but I do not expect the House of Representatives under the Republican Party to do anything on this issue, as they love to play politics as well as the Democrats.

    Thanks for getting back in touch with me, and let’s see what transpires! 🙂

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