Election Day

Health Care IS The Issue That Will Determine The Future Of Congress And State Governorships, Above All Other Issues

With five days to go until the Midterm Elections of 2018, it is more clear than ever that HEALTH CARE is the issue that will determine the future of Congress, as well as many state governorships, next week.

Other issues matter, but first and above all, every person is concerned about their own health and that of their loved ones and friends and neighbors, and it is clear that the Republican Party is running scared, as it lies and tries to convince gullible voters that they are NOT against health care and protection for preexisting conditions, when the record is clear that they have opposed exactly that for the past ten years since Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

A total of 70 times, the Republicans in Congress have tried to kill the Affordable Care Act, but now they are running commercials and ads denying what is fact, and looking in the cameras and stating bare faced lies.

The facts are that the Republican Party claims to be pro life, but are anything but that, including wanting fetuses born, but if they are disabled in any way, deny such children health care.

A party so mean spirited and lacking in compassion and empathy, just as Donald Trump exhibits every day, deserves a smashing defeat on Election Day next week.

And do not forget, the Republican Party is determined to strip Medicare and Medicaid as well, which makes them willing to see people die, while the wealthy get major tax cuts.

This is selfishness and greed and lack of morality and ethics which needs a total repudiation next Tuesday!

The Need For A One Day National Presidential Primary In June Of Election Year, Ending The System That Presently Exists!

The present Primary and Caucus system is a terrible method that encourages an inordinate amount of attention paid to “small” states with fewer people and an unusual mix of factors that distort and manipulate the process used to choose Presidential nominees.

Why should Iowa in a caucus and New Hampshire in a primary, and South Carolina and Nevada, all totally unrepresentative of the nation and of the political parties at large, have such a dramatic effect on the whole process of nominating Presidential candidates?

If anything, it should be “large” states that represent a diversity of America which, if we are to keep the present system, should go first, such as Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Missouri!

But a better alternative, if it could be arranged, which admittedly would be difficult, would be to have a National Primary Day in early June of the election year, similar to Election Day being in early November.

If this was arranged, there could be two to three weeks of early voting in May, as there is for the election in October.

If this idea was adopted, all campaigning would come to a peak over just a few weeks from early voting to the actual Primary Day, and it would better represent the parties as they get ready for the election, and would undermine extreme right and left from having the impact they often do because of the attention given to them by their being first to vote!

The Tremendous Dedication Of American Voters In Face Of Republican Attempts To Cut Voting Numbers!

It is well known that Republican Governors and state legislatures did everything possible to cut down voting days and hours, created photo ID barriers, and to intimidate voters though the organization True-The Vote.

Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and other GOP governed states were outrageous in their misbehavior, and in Florida, 24 hours after the polls officially closed, the vote count goes on, and there is still no declaration of whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney has won the state’s electoral votes, although Obama is ahead in popular votes.

Some people in Florida and elsewhere waited up to seven hours, and as late as 1 AM, determined to cast their vote, and it turned out, the anger of voters showed in the results nationwide, heavily against the Republican Party, and those denying a basic democratic right, the right to vote!

Governor Rick Scott of Florida should be kicked out of office for cutting the number of days for early voting from 14 to 8, and refusing to extend voting, with long lines occurring, for the final Sunday and Monday before Election Day.

Hopefully, the anger of voters will continue to reverberate, and the “Bully Governors” and their party members in the legislatures will be summarily kicked out of office in 2014, as a disgrace to the offices they hold!

Rick Perry And Newt Gingrich: More “Shaking Of Heads” In Wonderment!

Texas Governor Rick Perry and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich continue to amaze, and in the process promote the “shaking of heads” in wonderment!

Fast fading Perry made a speech to a group of young people, and told them that if they were 21 by Election Day 2012, they should be sure to vote, apparently not aware of the 26th Amendment in 1971, which allows those citizens 18-21 to vote!

He also said that Election Day was November 12, 2012, which if people listen to him means they would be failing to participate in the election, as it is six days earlier, on November 6, 2012! He attributed his errors to his “age”, which means he is not fit to be President, and by the way, he is only in his early 60s, not an “old man” by definition!

At the same time, Newt Gingrich claims he was not acting as a lobbyist for various corporations, including in the health care industry, but instead was being paid for his expertise as former Speaker of the House, by earning $65,000 for half hour speeches, and made too much money as a lecturer, so did not need to be a lobbyist. What can one say to that, except that the author of this blog earns at the most a fee of $250 per hour speech as compared to Newt making $130,000 per hour, if he is able to have the energy to go beyond a half hour speech!

While Newt could say he has a Ph. D. in History and has been a professor and author, that kind of fee is really unbelievable, and makes this author, with the same credentials except being Speaker of the House, realize that IF with his expertise and knowledge, he could have ONE speech for an hour at Newt’s rate, he could relax for the rest of the year, without the materialistic need to make money of obscene amounts, and then claim to understand the average American!

So the “shaking of heads” about both Perry and Gingrich continues to “shake”!