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The American Character And Reputation Is At Stake On Tuesday: Can We Come Out Of The Darkness?

With 48 hours to the election, the American character and reputation is at stake on Tuesday, Election Day.

Can America come out of the darkness of the last four years, and restore respect for the Constitution and rule of law, and gain the respect again of the international community?

Will morality and ethics and common decency return, or will America go into the darkness of Fascism, as occurred in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany?

Will civil rights, civil liberties, women’s rights, gay rights, immigrant rights, labor rights, consumer rights, environmental protections, and restoration of international respect for America be resumed?

Or will we go further into the darkness where Donald Trump will be uncontrollable, and the possibility of mass murder of opponents occur, with the backing of the extreme right wing groups, including the evangelicals and various militia groups, who will want war on open mindedness and tolerance and common decency?

As stated at earlier times, this is the most important election in our lifetimes, or at least since 1940, and could be as significant as 1860 and the Civil War!

Republican Party Discipline Is Gone: Looking Back At The Days Of Speaker Newt Gingrich And Speaker Dennis Hastert!

The Republican Party from 1995-2007 was headed by Speaker Newt Gingrich for four years and Speaker Dennis Hastert for eight years.

With all of their faults and shortcomings as Speakers of the House of Representatives, there was a sense of loyalty and obedience to the House leadership when it came to floor votes on legislation.

But that is now a dim memory, as Speaker John Boehner is unable to control his own caucus, and was embarrassed yesterday to lose on a vote on the Farm bill, due to the Tea Party radicals who are determined to wipe out the Food Stamp program completely, and have no concern if children, the elderly, and the disabled are starving!

When one listens to the debate and the lack of concern and human compassion that the Tea Party wing nuts have, one would think that Boehner should make a dramatic announcement that he is resigning as Speaker, since the job has become impossible to manage!

Boehner is being destroyed from within, including undermining by his own House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, who is the evil genius behind the Tea Party movement in the House.

Cantor is only concerned about his dream to become Speaker of the House, and is willing to ride roughshod over Boehner, as Cantor has no ethics, morals or scruples, and is a monstrous example of power grabbing gone mad!

The poor GOP performance should lead to repudiation by their constituents in 2014, but with gerrymandering and an old Confederate mentality still existing in much of the South and the border states, and anti government militia mentality in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain areas of the nation, more of this incompetence, stalemate, and gridlock are likely, whether or not John Boehner sees the handwriting on the wall, and resigns, allowing turncoat Eric Cantor to accomplish his dream of turning America backward to the years before the New Deal and Great Society!

The Lunatic Fringe Is Taking Over The Republican Party: Talk Of Armed Revolution Supported By 44 Percent Of Republicans In Poll

Talk of an armed revolution being likely in the near future against the government of Barack Obama is really terrifying, as the lunatic fringe on Talk Radio, Fox News Channel, the Koch Brothers, the American Family Association, and other right wing groups, is building up the idea of such violence, and the Republican Party leadership, instead of condemning such lunacy, is actually encouraging it with their rhetoric and, often, complete silence. 44 percent in a recent poll of Republicans stated the belief in an armed revolution to preserve freedom in America!

How can a reputable political party stay silent in the face of such extremism, and expect normal, sane people to look at them in a respectable way?

The idea of bloodshed and violence has never been more likely, particularly with the issues of gun regulations, immigration, gay rights, and abortion rights all being hotly debated and promoting division.

It is ironic, though, that the talk of revolution comes from the South and the Great Plains and Mountain States, the areas with lots of land but few people, and the idea that the GOP would back secession and armed revolution, when that was what caused them to be born in the 1850s as an opposition to such extremism, is mind boggling!

There are more patriot and militia groups than at any time since the mid 1990s, and the concern about widespread bloodshed is very worrisome.

One wonders what will happen when Barack Obama leaves the Presidency in 2017, with the early likelihood of Hillary Clinton replacing him. Will that tone down the rhetoric, when one considers the right wing attacks against her when she was First Lady, and her husband was subjected to vicious character assassination?

A woman in the White House is unlikely to tone down the massive split that we see in our nation, and the likelihood of long term dangers to our national security from these right wing groups is at least as great as the threat from Muslim terrorism!

The Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack: Another Assault On Our Freedom!

The shocking terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon yesterday will transform American life in ways we cannot yet imagine, another assault on our freedom as Americans.

Until now, America has lived in a bubble, figuring that we would never face what Israel, Great Britain, India, Iraq and Afghanistan have faced, as we have been fortunate in stopping terrorist attacks on our homeland in the years since September 11.

It now means that at every sporting event and major public gathering, there will be a need for more security, some of it infuriating in nature, because of the evil forces among us who wish us harm.

We should not, however, rush to conclusions as to the source, as it could be Islamic terrorism, but could also be militia group related, reminding ourselves of the Oklahoma City terrorist attack of 1995, on nearly the same date as this one!

So in order to fight terrorism, sadly, we are forced to give up a lot of our freedom, an alarming development with no easy solution or alternative!

The Persecution Of Chief Justice John Roberts Begins: Threats Of 2nd Amendment “Remedies”!

Chief Justice John Roberts was a true “profile in courage” this morning in siding with the four Democratic appointees on the Supreme Court, and upholding the Obama Health Care law.

Roberts, despite his other shortcomings in the minds of progressives, including reaffirming the Citizens United case in another case involving Montana this week, has shown open mindedness on the immigration issue, and now on the health care issue.

He is concerned about the image of the Supreme Court, trying to avoid making it an overly partisan body, as it was in the Bush V. Gore case of 2000, which seriously damaged the image of the Supreme Court.

Roberts has a sense of history, and two Harvard Law School professors, Laurence Tribe and Walter Dellinger, correctly came to the conclusion that he would do what he did today.

Roberts, appointed by George W. Bush in 2005, has shown growth and great insight, and if he continued along the road he showed this week on immigration and health care, he could rank among the great Chief Justices by the time he retires in the next 20 years or so, considering he was appointed to the Court at age 50.

It would be great if long term, we could say Roberts ranks with John Jay, John Marshall, Charles Evans Hughes, and Earl Warren. He has begun the first steps along that road!

But he will have to bear severe criticism and bitter attacks from Republicans in Congress, and hateful right wing talk show hosts. He should be proud of defying them, and doing the right thing, and being insulated on the Court, he can suffer the attacks without having to comment on them.

But it is sad and scary that some right wing nuts talk about a Second Amendment “remedy”, implying bloodshed and violence against, maybe, President Obama, or Chief Justice Roberts, or really anyone who believes that all Americans are entitled to good health care!

The government needs to step up infiltration of right wing groups who are actively plotting to bring about a Fascist takeover, and are ready and willing, through militia groups, to plot the death of our leaders for having principles and morals and strong beliefs!

Right now, we can pray for the safety and good health of President Obama, Chief Justice John Roberts, and all good people who believe in humanity, social justice, and common decency!

The Greatest Danger Of All: Right Wing “Patriot” Groups Which Are Encouraged By Republican And Conservative Anti Obama Propaganda

The Southern Poverty Law Center does an annual report on the status of hate groups on the right, which represent a dire threat to American freedom and liberty.

In 2008, there were 149 groups, increasing in 2009 to 512, increasing again in 2010 to 824, and jumping to 1,274 in 2011. That is 755 percent growth in three years!

These “Patriot” groups emerged during the 1990s with the rise of domestic terrorism, including the attack in Oklahoma City in 1995. But the economic collapse of 2008, along with the growing minority groups in America, and the election of Barack Obama, further accelerated this right wing surge.

While we must be concerned about terrorism from abroad, in many respects our domestic terrorist threat is far greater, and these are not Arabs or Middle Easterners, but rather traditional white Americans who promote conspiracy theories about government taking away private guns, and planning concentration camps formed by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency!

Militia groups also believe that Mexico is going to take back the American Southwest, and that the government will be unable to stop them on this matter, as crazy as that sounds!

With many Republicans and conservatives still spreading rumors and gossip about Barack Obama being from Kenya, and being a secret Muslim, they are actually abetting the instability of our nation in political, economic and social terms. Their recklessness is mind boggling!

Growing Concern About April 19! The Danger Of Domestic Terrorism And Anarchy!

Monday, April 19, is a day looked to as one of growing concern about the possibility of violence.

The day marks the anniversary of two events, one inspiring, and one depressing!

April 19, 1775, marks the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first battle of the American Revolution.

April 19, 1995, marks the horror of the terrorist and anarchistic attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building by Timothy McVeigh, who was inspired by anti government militia groups. The worst domestic terrorist attack in US History killed 168 and wounded a thousand other citizens!

Now there is a call by militia groups and the Tea Party Movement for their followers to mass in Arlington, Virginia, right outside the city of Washington, DC, fully equipped with their guns and other weapons to reassert their rights to the Second Amendment!

There is also a planned demonstration in the government area of the US Capitol, unarmed, but making a strong assertion of the rights of the people to bear arms, and to oppose federal government action on health care and other issues that these elements claim is unconstitutional interference with personal civil liberties and states rights.

The hope is that there will be no violent confrontations, but the whole atmosphere of defiance being encouraged by many members of the Republican party and conservative talks shows could very well create an incendiary situation that might lead to the danger of some event similar to Oklahoma City!

When some irresponsible elements talk about “revolution”, it presents a terrifying scenario of possible anarchy and lawlessness. The federal government must not bend to this blackmail and threats, as these extremists represent a far greater threat to all of us than anything the US government does!

We were created as one nation, and we cannot allow any secessionists or right wing militia groups to destroy this nation that has, over time, improved and promoted equal opportunity, freedom and equality! These extremist groups do not have the welfare of the American people in mind, but rather their own aggrandizement! 🙁