Growing Concern About April 19! The Danger Of Domestic Terrorism And Anarchy!

Monday, April 19, is a day looked to as one of growing concern about the possibility of violence.

The day marks the anniversary of two events, one inspiring, and one depressing!

April 19, 1775, marks the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first battle of the American Revolution.

April 19, 1995, marks the horror of the terrorist and anarchistic attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building by Timothy McVeigh, who was inspired by anti government militia groups. The worst domestic terrorist attack in US History killed 168 and wounded a thousand other citizens!

Now there is a call by militia groups and the Tea Party Movement for their followers to mass in Arlington, Virginia, right outside the city of Washington, DC, fully equipped with their guns and other weapons to reassert their rights to the Second Amendment!

There is also a planned demonstration in the government area of the US Capitol, unarmed, but making a strong assertion of the rights of the people to bear arms, and to oppose federal government action on health care and other issues that these elements claim is unconstitutional interference with personal civil liberties and states rights.

The hope is that there will be no violent confrontations, but the whole atmosphere of defiance being encouraged by many members of the Republican party and conservative talks shows could very well create an incendiary situation that might lead to the danger of some event similar to Oklahoma City!

When some irresponsible elements talk about “revolution”, it presents a terrifying scenario of possible anarchy and lawlessness. The federal government must not bend to this blackmail and threats, as these extremists represent a far greater threat to all of us than anything the US government does!

We were created as one nation, and we cannot allow any secessionists or right wing militia groups to destroy this nation that has, over time, improved and promoted equal opportunity, freedom and equality! These extremist groups do not have the welfare of the American people in mind, but rather their own aggrandizement! 🙁

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