Day: April 16, 2010

Senator John McCain Losing His Dignity And Good Sense!

Senator John McCain of Arizona is a very admirable person in many ways.

He has been often seen as a man of principle and independence, and even if one has disagreed with him at various times in his 28 years in Congress, one can always admire him for his courage, his convictions, and his decency.

But now that he is seeking another term in the Senate, and is facing a conservative revolt led by former Congressman J. D. Hayworth, he is conducting his campaign in a way that is causing him to lose his dignity and good sense!

First, as reported earlier, he claims that he is not now, and never has been a “maverick”, despite his regular use of that term over the years, and the reality that he has written his own memoir of earlier years with the word “maverick” in the title. Additionally, Sarah Palin called him a “maverick” when campaigning for him a few weeks ago, and this was constantly emphasized during his 2008 Presidential campaign!

Now, McCain is suggesting that the danger of Iran requires that we “pull the trigger” and go to war with that nation, to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons!

While Iran is certainly a worrisome situation, how can Senator McCain suggest we go into a third war when we cannot deal with the dual wars of Iraq and Afghanistan? And the likelihood is that if we were to go to war with Iran without being provoked, China and Russia, who are considering going along with sanctions on Iran, would likely condemn us and back Iran politically if we invaded that country. Plus we would turn off the large number of Iranians who don’t like their government, but do not wish to be bombed and invaded by any other nation. This is what we call the power of nationalism!

So McCain is making one wonder about his sanity and stability, something always worried about regarding him, because of the torture and imprisonment he experienced long ago during the Vietnam War.

John McCain may be a hero, but he may be showing evidence that he is no longer fit to serve in the Senate, based on his trying to revamp his image in ways that are troublesome! 🙁 It is really a very sad situation regarding Senator McCain! 🙁