Day: April 27, 2010

Obama Environmental Policy Decision Is Wrong And Must Be Reversed!

The recent oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico must make one think about the recent Obama policy paper on the environment, which had already met mixed reviews.

Earlier this month, Obama had promoted the idea of opening vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline from Maine to central Florida, the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and the North coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling.

This was said to be good for our energy supply, and safe for the environment, but Obama is totally wrong on this!

The fact that the opposition Republicans applauded this move by the administration is enough to make one realize how wrong headed it is, but the coincidence of this environmental disaster, so soon after, definitely confirms that this is the absolutely incorrect policy!

42,000 gallons a day is pouring right now into the Gulf of Mexico and threatening the coastlines of Florida and the other Gulf states! The risk to the fishing, shrimping and tourism industries, and to the environment in general, is enough reason to stop ALL oil drilling in these waters off the Atlantic and the Gulf!

The oil drilling will NOT solve the energy crisis of the future, and this nation MUST plan for renewable energy sources as the solution for the future!

It is essential for President Obama to recognize this error, and revisit his environmental policy plans!

Glenn Beck, George W. Bush, And The Term “Progressive”!

Talk show host Glenn Beck is at it again, continuing to distort history and the meaning of the word “progressive”!

According to this character, George W. Bush was a “progressive”! Is there anything more crazy than that assertion? 🙁

George W. Bush destroyed the environment during his administration!

George W. Bush undermined organized labor during his time in office!

George W. Bush abused civil liberties with the promotion of the Patriot Act!

George W. Bush undermined regulation of Wall Street and the corporations during his Presidency!

George W. Bush cut taxes on the wealthy and, as a result, the rich became richer, the poor became poorer, and the middle class was decimated!

George W. Bush doubled the national debt, with a good part of the debt increase being due to two undeclared wars that were sold to the American people as a question of national security, even though neither war has made our national security any more the reality for our nation!

George W. Bush undermined our relations with foreign nations, particularly what had been our close friendship with the Western European democracies!

The Presidents who have been seen as “progressive” were all Democrats from Woodrow Wilson onward, plus Theodore Roosevelt, who set the example for Wilson and other Democrats, and in some limited ways, Richard Nixon!

To call George W. Bush a “progressive” is enough to make one wonder if the person stating such is a “sane, rational” individual!

In the case of Glenn Beck, we know the answer to that question! 🙂 LOL

The Total Abuse Of The Filibuster By The Senate Republicans!

It used to be that southern Democrats used the filibuster to prevent civil rights legislation.

Sometimes, the filibuster has been used to block a particularly controversial piece of legislation, or a Presidential nominee who was seen as undesirable.

But never has the filibuster been abused as it is this year by the Republican party, which is using the filibuster tactic to block ANY action on ANYTHING that the Obama Administration proposes, other than his appointments as Cabinet advisers and the selection of Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor!

The Republicans have used it to block just about every judicial nominee that President Obama has selected!

In a time of great challenges, we also cannot see agreement to move ahead on Wall Street reform yesterday because of a filibuster based on party alone, and also on such a crucial issue as immigration reform!

The filibuster was not designed to be utilized in such an abusive way, and it is a mockery of democracy to allow such a tactic to be used in the way it has been in recent months!

Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico has introduced a proposal backed by other junior senators, which would work to reform the system, as it is essential for any progress toward dealing with the major challenges we face.

It is, however, doubtful that any change will come soon, and the effect is to make the US Senate present an image as a legislative body which is unable to meet its responsibilities to the American people, and to damage its historical reputation as a respectable institution!