Obama Environmental Policy Decision Is Wrong And Must Be Reversed!

The recent oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico must make one think about the recent Obama policy paper on the environment, which had already met mixed reviews.

Earlier this month, Obama had promoted the idea of opening vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline from Maine to central Florida, the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and the North coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling.

This was said to be good for our energy supply, and safe for the environment, but Obama is totally wrong on this!

The fact that the opposition Republicans applauded this move by the administration is enough to make one realize how wrong headed it is, but the coincidence of this environmental disaster, so soon after, definitely confirms that this is the absolutely incorrect policy!

42,000 gallons a day is pouring right now into the Gulf of Mexico and threatening the coastlines of Florida and the other Gulf states! The risk to the fishing, shrimping and tourism industries, and to the environment in general, is enough reason to stop ALL oil drilling in these waters off the Atlantic and the Gulf!

The oil drilling will NOT solve the energy crisis of the future, and this nation MUST plan for renewable energy sources as the solution for the future!

It is essential for President Obama to recognize this error, and revisit his environmental policy plans!

One comment on “Obama Environmental Policy Decision Is Wrong And Must Be Reversed!

  1. Patrick Ellingham April 27, 2010 10:18 pm

    I’ve said this from the beginning. I hope it doesn’t take another Three Mile island or Cernoble to show him that he’s wrong about nuclear power, too.

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