Day: April 6, 2010

John McCain: His Greatest Strength Now Denied–What A Sad Commentary! :(

Arizona Senator John McCain has been in the Senate now for 24 years, and has long had a reputation as a “maverick”.

But now he is denying this reality, even though he has often called himself that, said so in his memoirs, and emphasized it in his 2008 Presidential campaign.

And to top it off, his Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, came to Arizona to campaign for him, and called him a maverick just ten days ago!

But McCain is running scared, as he faces a right wing challenge from former Congressman J. D. Hayworth in the GOP primary, and is opposed by Tea Party activists.

So McCain is trying to change his image, but in the process he is repudiating much of what he believed in and advocated for the past 24 years!

He has always been someone who people respected, even if they did not agree with him. But now he just looks like a typical image of a politician–untrustworthy, dishonorable, unprincipled! Really, he has become a shell of his old self, and that is truly sad! ๐Ÿ™

The likelihood is that he will lose his Senate nomination nevertheless, but even if he wins the nomination and defeats his Democratic opponent in November, how would he be able to restore the dignity and stature that he once had? ๐Ÿ™

McCain is selling out for another term as a United States Senator! Is being reelected that important, that he is willing to destroy everything he ever believed in? ๐Ÿ™ What a sad state of affairs, much to be regretted! ๐Ÿ™

Tom Coburn Surprise: Tone Of Civility Toward Nancy Pelosi And Strong Criticism Of Fox News Channel! :)

It is always nice when you can praise a politician for his civility and open mindedness! ๐Ÿ™‚

So although I consider Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn one of the worst members of the Senate, there is always hope for improvement!

Coburn has proved to be both good and bad in the past few days. It is because of him that this week, with Congress out of session for the Easter break, unemployment compensation is being cut off because he put a “hold” on voting on the bill, due to concerns about the national debt. This is the same tactic used earlier this year by Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning. There is no way to look at this tactic of putting a “hold” on a vote by a single Senator as anything more than disgraceful behavior, and a sign of lack of care for those less fortunate! ๐Ÿ™

However, it turns out that Senator Coburn, at a Town Hall meeting in his home state, defended Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as a “nice” lady, who should not be personally attacked and should be treated with civility, whether by individual citizens or by Fox News Channel!

He accused Fox News Channel of distorting the news about the Health Care reform legislation, which he himself opposed, but says we should not be promoting mistruths, such as a person will be thrown in jail if he does not buy health insurance.

Imagine, a conservative Republican actually attacking Fox News Channel! This is a well deserved criticism of a station that sets out to distort reality, and has willing accomplices from journalists who work for the channel and sell their soul for their employment! This is not good journalism, and should be condemned! Plaudits for once for Senator Tom Coburn for his civility and his frankness! ๐Ÿ™‚

Time For Reconsideration Of Afghanistan Policy!

United States involvement in Afghanistan has always been seen as a problem by many observers, since the Soviet Union suffered its downfall to a great extent due to their military engagement in that nation from 1979 to 1988.

It was also the graveyard of earlier attempts at military takeover, including the British Empire.

US and NATO involvement in Afghanistan has been based on the threat of the Taliban, who have associated with Al Qaeda, and since September 11 occurred due to Al Qaeda being in Afghanistan, it seemed essential that this nation invade and overcome those who did this dastardly deed!

But the Afghan War has not gone well for years, and the country is a disaster area as far as the levels of poverty and corruption that exist! Afghanistan has long been a “failed state”, and its leader, Hamid Karzai, has a horrible reputation as an evil, corrupt man, whose own brother is allegedly involved in the cocaine trade. What a despicable alliance that the Western powers are associated with, and to be connected with such a venal family and his followers! ๐Ÿ™

And now, Karzai has attacked the West and suggested he might join the Taliban himself!

This makes one wonder why in good sense we continue to feel a need to fight and die in Afghanistan, when the Taliban are no threat to attack us, and Al Qaeda has gone elsewhere, including Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen as their havens.

With other nations rapidly leaving Afghanistan, President Obama needs to make a commitment to withdraw our forces over a measured period of time, and not allow any Republican or conservative opposition to stand in the way of a sane policy, of taking us out of the impossible Afghan morass, which has no winners and no hope for major improvement in the future!

President Obama, take what President Hamid Karzai has said as the justification for US withdrawal from a country not worth fighting for! We have spread ourselves thin and endangered our own economic and security future by allowing ourselves to be engaged in Afghanistan for the past nine years, and it is time to withdraw, and soon!