American Voters

The Tremendous Dedication Of American Voters In Face Of Republican Attempts To Cut Voting Numbers!

It is well known that Republican Governors and state legislatures did everything possible to cut down voting days and hours, created photo ID barriers, and to intimidate voters though the organization True-The Vote.

Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and other GOP governed states were outrageous in their misbehavior, and in Florida, 24 hours after the polls officially closed, the vote count goes on, and there is still no declaration of whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney has won the state’s electoral votes, although Obama is ahead in popular votes.

Some people in Florida and elsewhere waited up to seven hours, and as late as 1 AM, determined to cast their vote, and it turned out, the anger of voters showed in the results nationwide, heavily against the Republican Party, and those denying a basic democratic right, the right to vote!

Governor Rick Scott of Florida should be kicked out of office for cutting the number of days for early voting from 14 to 8, and refusing to extend voting, with long lines occurring, for the final Sunday and Monday before Election Day.

Hopefully, the anger of voters will continue to reverberate, and the “Bully Governors” and their party members in the legislatures will be summarily kicked out of office in 2014, as a disgrace to the offices they hold!