Wall Street Republicans

The Multi Headed Monster: The Republican Party “Bloodshed” Ahead!

Now that the Iowa Caucuses are over, any semblance of peace and compromise in the battle for the Republican Presidential nomination is a distant dream.

With Rick Santorum ending up ONLY EIGHT votes behind Mitt Romney; Romney gaining SIX FEWER votes than in 2008; Newt Gingrich furious at his so called mistreatment by Romney related PACs bad mouthing him and his record; Rick Perry strangely deciding to reverse himself and fight on in South Carolina; Jon Huntsman ridiculing Iowa and continuing his quest to turn things in his favor in New Hampshire; and Ron Paul continuing his quixotic quest to turn America and the Republican Party against “big” government and “interventionist” foreign policy, we are far from any resolution of the struggle, and lots of “bloodshed” is ahead of us!

The “Establishment” Republicans and Wall Street Republicans want Mitt Romney.

The “Social Conservatives” can choose between Rick Santorum, likely to gain their mantle due to his success, but also Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich competing for their support.

The “Tea Party Movement” Republicans still believe in Ron Paul.

The more moderate and foreign policy oriented Republicans realize that Jon Huntsman is superior to all others in foreign affairs knowledge, but many want a more aggressive attitude on foreign policy, a la the “neoconservatives”, preferring the hard line of Santorum, Perry or Gingrich.

The Republican Party is a multi headed monster which is looking for its “soul”, but it may NOT have one!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: Being Wooed As The Savior Of The Republican Party

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, in office less than two years, is being wooed by Wall Street Republicans and conservatives on talk radio and Fox News Channel as the savior of the Republican party, and being pressured to get into the Presidential race.

There has not been such a draft movement in the GOP since Dwight D. Eisenhower was successfully brought into the Presidential race in 1952.

But is Chris Christie another Dwight D. Eisenhower? Is he the “knight in shining armor”, or is he just the flavor of the month, a desperate attempt by Republicans to find a winning candidate who can unite the Tea Party Movement and Establishment Republicans, which no one else seems to be able to do?

After all the glamor is stripped from the excitement around Christie, is he the answer for the beleaguered GOP? The answer is NO, as despite what many might think, the odds on Christie winning the White House are extremely low!

What makes people in the party so excited about Christie?

1. He is very blunt and forceful in his language, but some would say overly confrontational and crude.

2. He attacks labor unions, which make Wall Street and big business thrilled.

3. He is the original “Bully” Governor, a model for Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio, Rick Snyder in Michigan, Rick Scott in Florida, and Paul LePage in Maine.

4. He attacks public education in favor of charter schools, which pleases many conservatives.

5. He promotes budget cuts, which ultimately means the promoting of cuts in state support of social services, a popular move with the right wing nationally.

But why is he a horrible choice for President?

1. His “in your face” personality is precisely what we do NOT need in the White House!

2. His anti education, anti teacher, anti union agenda would solidify the right wing agenda in other states and harm the nation’s future.

3. His personality would undermine American foreign policy, as he would antagonize even friendly nations with his pompous, aggressive manner.

4. While a federal prosecutor in his past, he has only been Governor of New Jersey for less than two years, giving him very little elected experience, far less than Barack Obama, who had been in elected office for twelve years in Illinois state government and the US Senate.

5. He would be a terrible choice on the basis of physical fitness and health, has obvious health issues including a recent asthmatic attack, and while it could be said that we had William Howard Taft and Grover Cleveland in the past, it would not be a positive to have a person of his girth in the White House.

While many would see Christie as the ideal choice, he would be a bad model for the nation’s future in so many ways, and might even flop, as Rick Perry seemingly has, once we and the party and the nation had a better look at him!

Christie is more realistic than most when he says he is not ready for the Presidency, so let’s take him at his word and stop wooing him to enter the race!