Tanya Chutkan

Donald Trump Finally Gets His Comeuppance, No Longer In Control Of His Destiny!

Donald Trump is finally getting his comeuppance, learning he is no longer in control of his destiny!

His attorneys tried to dictate to federal judge Tanya Chutkan that his federal trial be delayed to April 2026.

His attorney acted like a bully, raising his voice, but was told to tone down.

Chutkan asked for an alternative between the original plan for January 2024 and April 2026, but with no willingness to negotiate, the Trump attorney was shown the power of the courts, and the date was just pushed back two months, and will start on March 4, 2024!

Ironically, if that date holds, it will be the 235th anniversary of the official Inauguration date of Presidents from 1789 through 1933. The federal government under the Constitution was declared in effect on that day in 1789.

However, in reality, George Washington actually was inagurated 57 days late, on April 30, 1789, due to delays in being able to leave his Mount Vernon estate’s tobacco planting season to travel by horseback to New York City, the first capital of the nation.

This would be the only time that the President was not inaugurated on time, an interesting piece of trivia!

78 Felony Charges Against Donald Trump And Counting, And Still Defenders!

The number of felony charges against Donald Trump has mounted to 78, and there are more such charges to come in Georgia in the next week or two.

The now thrice indicted, twice impeached, loser in the popular vote twice, his party constantly losing ever since he became President through Russian collusion in 2016, is still being defended and supported by a majority of Republican voters in public opinion polls.

Republicans who condemned him at the time of the January 6 Insurrrection on the US Capitol in most cases now swear support for him, and attack American democracy!

The judge in this case, Tanya Chutkan, has made it clear through other cases that she will take a hard line on Trump, as with other Insurrectionists on January 6, all to the good!

It is urgent that this trial, the most important one of the three, soon to be four cases, be televised live, so that there can be no conspiracy theories about “hiding” facts and details!

And it needs to take place BEFORE the Presidential Election of 2024!