Donald Trump Federal Indictment

Donald Trump Finally Gets His Comeuppance, No Longer In Control Of His Destiny!

Donald Trump is finally getting his comeuppance, learning he is no longer in control of his destiny!

His attorneys tried to dictate to federal judge Tanya Chutkan that his federal trial be delayed to April 2026.

His attorney acted like a bully, raising his voice, but was told to tone down.

Chutkan asked for an alternative between the original plan for January 2024 and April 2026, but with no willingness to negotiate, the Trump attorney was shown the power of the courts, and the date was just pushed back two months, and will start on March 4, 2024!

Ironically, if that date holds, it will be the 235th anniversary of the official Inauguration date of Presidents from 1789 through 1933. The federal government under the Constitution was declared in effect on that day in 1789.

However, in reality, George Washington actually was inagurated 57 days late, on April 30, 1789, due to delays in being able to leave his Mount Vernon estate’s tobacco planting season to travel by horseback to New York City, the first capital of the nation.

This would be the only time that the President was not inaugurated on time, an interesting piece of trivia!

August: The Month Of Doom For Donald Trump!

August is the month when Donald Trump will be twice more indicted for crimes as President, just as we reach the 49th anniversary of the resignation of Richard Nixon as President, due to the Watergate Scandal, on August 9, 1974!

Already facing five trials on both civil and criminal matters, Trump will be faced with the strong likelihood of inability to be found innocent on the most important criminal matters, and with any state trial, as in the Georgia 2020 Election Results Investigation, not able to be pardoned from punishment by any President, including himself.

Trump may yet, at some point, come to the conclusion that it might be wise to make a deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty and avoiding prison time, with the stipulation that he would give up running for President, now and in the future.

That would be a blessing to the Republican Party, which is in a disastrous situation that is leading to future total disintegration of the party reputation and history, when it is time to move on to a return to a traditional “conservative” party of opposition to the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump To Be Indicted In South Florida Court On Tuesday June 13

Donald Trump is about to be the first President to be federally indicted, on 37 counts of violation of the Espionage Act; unauthorized retention of national security documents at his Palm Beach estate Mar a Lago; conspiracy to break the law knowingly; obstruction to conceal records; false statements to law enforcement officers; and likely mishandling of official documents, and other charges not yet made public before next Tuesday in a South Florida federal court.

If Trump had not retained documents he was not allowed to have in his private possession, and then refused to hand them all back to the government in a timely fashion, this situation would never have developed as it has!

This is a sad moment, but unavoidable for upholding the Constitution, rule of law, and American democracy.

This is a crisis time now, as Trump supporters could be liable to conduct themselves as they did on January 6, 2021, and provoke violence and bloodshed anywhere and everywhere.

And the Republican Party, with only a few exceptions, is falling in line behind Trump, accusing the Biden Presidency of having conspired against an opponent, continuing their defense of a man who incited an insurrection against the government, and put former Vice President Mike Pence and all members of Congress into danger of bloodshed and violence on January 6, 2021.

It is the grand jury that is bringing charges based on evidence, not the President or anyone else in the government, as the right wing extremists are claiming.

No one is above the law, and Donald Trump now stands as twice impeached, and twice indicted, with the likelihood of still two more indictments at the minimum, regarding the Insurrection and the interference in Georgia voting!