Trump’s No Limits Lying: The Korean War Return Of Remains Of Veterans To Their Parents!

Donald Trump is the most massive liar ever in American political history.

One could say that every person lies, and that every politician lies, and that every President lies.

It is part of the human condition, one could say.

But Donald Trump lies on the average of 6.5 times a day, over 3,000 times in office since January 20, 2017, and he has no shame or caution about the preposterous statements he utters in person or on Twitter.

He knows there are enough gullible people that he can say anything and have millions of people believe and accept what he says.

He knows about the “Big Lie” technique of Adolf Hitler, who promoted lies so regularly that it became like a religion to believe him, and to justify the war crimes that occurred in Nazi Germany.

But it takes a specially dishonest person to promote what Donald Trump said after the summit in Singapore with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Trump tells us that he asked Kim Jong Un to arrange for the return of remains of Americans who died in the Korean War of 1950-1953, as Trump has had so many appeals from parents of such soldiers to do so, or so he says.

Only stupid people would take this seriously, as the average American who served in the Korean War and died there would now be 87, assuming they were 20 when they died in the war.

That would mean their parents had to be born around 1910 on the average, to have a 20 year old son in the war in 1950, which means such parents would have to be close to or over the age of 110!

How many people in America, let alone the world, live to be 110, or even 100?

Infinitesimal numbers, almost non existent, is the answer.

Trump is so totally wrapped in his own narcissism that he truly believes people will believe this BS!

How can anyone be anything but totally appalled by this no limits lying?

The Perplexity Over Jon Huntsman Accepting Russian Ambassadorship From Donald Trump

Former Utah Governor and Ambassador to Singapore and China Jon Huntsman surprised many when he accepted the Ambassadorship to Russia offered yesterday by President Donald Trump.

Huntsman was the best Republican Presidential candidate in the 2012 cycle, and even John Kasich, who this blogger thinks was the best Republican Presidential candidate in the 2016 cycle, does not match up to him in background, experience, and solid quality.

Huntsman has solid credentials for diplomacy, including knowledge of several foreign languages, including Mandarin Chinese, and did an excellent job for Barack Obama in that nation as our ambassador from 2009-2011.

While of course we need an excellent ambassador to Russia, why oh why, would Huntsman allow himself to be associated with our despicable President, particularly in the midst of the controversy over his Russian connections, which might force Trump out of office at some point?

Huntsman is 57 this month, and was rumored to be planning to challenge Senator Orrin Hatch, President Pro Tempore, and third in line for the Presidency, for his seat in 2018, when Hatch would be running for his 8th term at age 84. That would have made sense for Huntsman long term.

This blogger’s head is shaking in disbelief!

The Crisis Of American Education: Inability To Evaluate And Analyze Information

American education is in a major crisis, with the average teenager unable to evaluate and analyze information, part of the success story required as an adult competing in a world economy.

The nation is fraught with danger if this reality is not overcome and soon. How can we have a thriving democracy if much of the population is unable to make good judgments on all kinds of issues, including, but not limited to who should govern them?

Sixty five countries were evaluated on reading, science, and math skills, and American 15 year olds ranked 19th in reading, 22nd in science, and 29th in math!

Asian countries rank at the top, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. European nations, including Finland, Germany, and Poland also scored much better than the United States.

Reading has become a lost art, as young people have demonstrated that their attention spans and concentration powers are weaker than in past generations, a lot due to too much time spent on video games social media, and cell phone trances, and in the process losing valuable time in learning that comes from reading all kinds of materials.

Science is in crisis, as more than ever, people are being influenced by religious fundamentalism, which denies scientific reality, and endangers the future of human existence, in favor of belief in faith over facts.

Math is also a disaster area, as most people cannot do basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages, let alone higher math requirements for society to advance.

Poverty is a major issue, but also the lack of enough days of schooling, with the average American only attending 180 days a year, while in many other nations, especially in Asia, students attend 230 days, a difference of 10 weeks of education annually!

Trying to attract the top talent into teaching is also in crisis, as pay is very low overall in America, and men in particular are not drawn into the profession in any field of study, with the potential to make more in the business world.

Potential Republican Presidential Candidates And Foreign Policy, As Compared To Hillary Clinton And Joe Biden

The Republican Party is offering potential Presidential candidates who have no clue on world affairs, or have dangerous views on foreign policy, and/or have no experience to speak of in diplomatic situations.

The following potential candidates have NO credentials at all in this important area in a world that is changing rapidly:

Rand Paul
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Rick Santorum
Rick Perry
Chris Christie
Jeb Bush
Bobby Jindal
Scott Walker
John Thune

it is true that Rand Paul and Marco Rubio sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and that Jeb Bush’s brother and father were President of the United States, and foreign policy has been discussed within that family.

But compare that to Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State for four years, and learned about foreign policy under her husband, President Bill Clinton, in the 1990s.

And Vice President Joe Biden had 36 years in the Senate, including time as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and now is in his second term as Vice President, intimately involved in foreign policy issues.

So NONE of the GOP potential Presidential candidates have any real, valuable experience, except in speaking out on issues they know nothing about!

Foreign policy will be a most important issue in 2016, so who could the GOP run who could compete with either Hillary or Joe, and give them a real challenge?

The only person who fits this profile is former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China, and earlier Ambassador to Singapore, Jon Huntsman, who is a moderate mainstream conservative. He is very talented, brilliant, multilingual including Chinese, and knows and understands world affairs!

But would the Republican Party have the brains and intelligence to choose Huntsman as their Presidential nominee?

The answer is ZERO, and because of that, the GOP does not offer experienced, qualified candidates for the Presidency on foreign affairs, such as Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, and John McCain in the past!

Jon Huntsman: Winner Of The New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debates!

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman came across in this weekend’s Republican Presidential debates as the winner by far, among all six candidates, particularly in the Sunday NBC debate.

The fact that he was willing to ignore partisanship and serve his country as Ambassador to China under President Barack Obama, which should be seen as a positive, has been attacked by Mitt Romney and others, but Huntsman gave a strong defense of his decision to serve the President of the United States.

Huntsman has moved up in the New Hampshire polls, and has a shot at ending second behind Romney, and if one uses the reaction of the audience at today’s debate, extremely supportive, more than any other candidate, one might wonder if a surprise is in the offing.

The problem is that Jon Huntsman is, in comparison to all other candidates, too centrist and moderate by comparison, but that is what is needed to overcome extreme partisanship and division, as Huntsman himself pointed out.

The real problem, ultimately, is that Jon Huntsman is too smart, too intelligent, too principled, to be the Republican Presidential nominee. He is a person who is NOT a career politician, and has done better serving his country in trade negotiations and in ambassadorships to Singapore and China.

To reject a man who can speak Mandarin and other foreign languages, and is very skilled and talented in more ways than all of his opponents combined, is a sign of just how the Republican Party has declined, a sad chapter in the history of a political party going back to the time of Abraham Lincoln!

The new American Research Group poll just out shows Huntsman with 17 percent, ahead of Ron Paul with 16 percent, with both behind Romney with 40 percent. If Huntsman continues to surge, it may be closer than that on Tuesday, and we know any poll could be wrong, so it will be exciting to watch what happens between now and Tuesday evening.

The Death Of Kim Jong Il: Its Possible Effect On Jon Huntsman

The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il could have the effect of boosting the candidacy of Jon Huntsman for the Republican Presidential nomination!

Huntsman, the former Utah Governor, has not been doing well in most polls, although he is now third in New Hampshire, but as this author has said over and over again, as former Ambassador to China, and formerly to Singapore, Huntsman EASILY has the best foreign policy background of any GOP candidate!

In a difficult time in Asian affairs, with the uncertainty about the future of North Korea, a nuclear nation, and the great significance of China in world affairs, Jon Huntsman is uniquely qualified, and is a real potential threat to the reelection of Barack Obama.

Don’t be surprised that Jon Huntsman suddenly has his “surge”, and just at the right time in foreign affairs, reminding us that the economy is NOT the only issue that matters,and in the long run, is not important as compared to foreign policy!

Jon Huntsman’s Major Opportunity: Saturday Night’s South Carolina Foreign Policy And National Security Debate

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is reaching his major opportunity in Saturday night’s Presidential debate in South Carolina, as the topic is limited to foreign policy and national security.

As stated many times in the past, Jon Huntsman is EASILY the most qualified of all the GOP candidates for President, when it comes to expertise and knowledge and depth in foreign policy and national security issues.

As Ambassador to Singapore and Ambassador to China, and as a trade negotiator, Jon Huntsman has superb experience in foreign policy, and particularly where it most matters, in Asia, which will be the center of world affairs in the 21st century, particularly regarding China, the nation with one fourth of the world’s population.

No one else can come close to matching Huntsman, who also can speak Mandarin Chinese.

Few people who have ever run for President have the credentials of Jon Huntsman in foreign policy, so this is his opportunity to separate himself from the pack and start to gain in the polls.

if he does not do well tonight, and/or improve his standing in polls in the next couple of weeks, after being at one or two percent all along, then, sadly, Huntsman is finished as a major factor in Republican politics!

Republicans Start To Deal With Foreign Policy Finally! First Mitt Romney And Later Jon Huntsman!

The Republican Party has been busy trashing President Barack Obama and economic problems in America, but has failed to address the world scene and our foreign and defense policy.

Barack Obama has done a masterful job in many ways on the international scene, often seen as his strong point, particularly with dealing with international terrorism, including Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Many problems, of course, remain, including North Korea, Iran, China and the Middle East crisis. He has also had a masterful Secretary of State in Hillary Clinton!

But the question arises: Do the Republican candidates have any vision of how to deal with the outside world, considering that only former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has had any real expertise, as former Ambassador to Singapore and China?

Well, now, Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts has announced in a speech at The Citadel in South Carolina, what is defined as a “muscular” foreign policy!

Romney calls for:

1. Increased Naval shipbuilding.
2. Strengthening alliances with Great Britain, Israel and Mexico
3. Keeping aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean as a deterrent against Iran
4. Spending more on national missile defense
5. Renewed emphasis on diplomacy and foreign aid to the Middle East
6. Increased diplomacy and trade with Latin America
7. Figuring out how to deal with Afghanistan beyond 2014
8. Devising a national cyber security strategy

Romney calls for a “new American Century”, with aggressive and hawkish foreign policy reminiscent of Ronald Reagan and the two Presidents Bush. This is in contradiction of the Tea Party Movement followers, and the libertarian, isolationist view of Congressman Ron Paul, an opponent in the Republican Presidential contest and his son, Senator Rand Paul, as well as liberal Democrats who want to avoid military conflicts overseas, which Romney seems clear to be unwilling to avoid if it is seen as necessary to assert American power.

Romney’s doubt about working through the United Nations will also turn many off from his strong foreign policy and defense policy statements, and of course, the question will be how the costs of this new, bold foreign policy will be managed in the present budget mess we are facing as a nation!

Next week, Jon Huntsman will enunciate his views, as foreign policy goes from the back burner to the front burner of American politics, as indeed it needs to do. But the question is can Romney or Huntsman convince the American people that Barack Obama has not, overall, been successful in areas of defense and foreign policy?

One thinks that will be difficult to convince the nation over the next year!

Republican Presidential Candidates And The Outside World: Who Is Legitimate?

In the midst of all the tumult and drama surrounding the Debt Ceiling Crisis, the lowering of the US credit rating by Standard and Poor’s, and the Stock Market gyrations this past week, it would seem as if only the economy matters to most Americans, an understandable viewpoint, but a dangerous one!

We must remember that the President of the United States is not just the leader of this country, but the number one world leader, and therefore, his or her credibility on an international scale really is significant and crucial!

So when one looks at the four finalists in the Republican Presidential contest, as the author earlier today assessed it, one must see the dramatic differences between the so called Establishment Republican Mormon candidates (Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman), and the Tea Party Republican evangelical Christian candidates (Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann).

Romney has the record of having operated the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, requiring diplomatic skills to make it the success it was.

Even more so, Huntsman has been the Ambassador to Singapore in the time of President George H. W. Bush, Deputy US Trade Representative under George W. Bush, and Ambassador to China under Barack Obama, therefore having tremendous foreign policy training and experience.

Rick Perry has NO foreign policy experience, and comes across as a bully type who would throw his weight around in foreign affairs with his swagger and arrogant manner, in a way that would make George W. Bush, often called a “cowboy” in foreign affairs, look civil and diplomatic by comparison!

And Michele Bachmann also has ZERO foreign policy experience, and a loose, no holds barred way of speaking, that would totally antagonize the outside world!

Both Perry and Bachmann would be a danger in world affairs through their lack of experience and judgment, and with their Christian evangelical roots, would promote a war on Islam, that would make the nightmare of Iraq and Afghanistan in the past ten years look like a minor blip in international affairs! They would conduct themselves as Christian crusaders, something we do NOT need if there is to be peace and diplomacy with an outside world which Is not going to accept American imperialism and dominance!

So the foreign policy issue may seem minor now, but in a campaign of Barack Obama against either Perry or Bachmann, it would be a tremendously important issue, and a blessing to Obama!

With Huntsman in particular, and Romney lesser so, Obama would have more difficulty on this issue, as well as generally all matters, including the economic difficulties we now face.

So for Barack Obama, a dream fulfilled would be Perry or Bachmann as his opponent, while Huntsman or Romney could be his greatest nightmare!

Mormon Vs. Mormon: The Real Battle For The Republican Presidential Nomination of 2012!

This morning, at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, former Utah Governor and former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman announced his candidacy for President, and made it clear he wanted to mount a high level campaign without personal attacks, but just arguing that he can do a better job than his former boss, President Barack Obama. He plans to focus on New Hampshire and Florida as the way to gain an early lead in the race against Mitt Romney, his major rival.

Huntsman begins his campaign with many assets: good looks, good speaker, nice family, outstanding record and popularity in Utah when he was Governor of the state, knowledgeable in Mandarin Chinese, great experience in foreign policy in Asia in his role as Ambassador to China and Singapore as well as being a missionary in Taiwan, business background in his billionaire father’s chemical business, and image of being a moderate in a field of extremely conservative opponents except for Mitt Romney, a fellow Mormon.

Huntsman’s negatives are that in a right wing party he is a moderate by comparison; is also seen as very much a clone of Mitt Romney, but with less public exposure; he is, like Romney, a Mormon; and he worked for President Obama, and now wants to criticize him in a gentlemanly manner after having raved about his leadership, and the fact that he worked for Obama is seen by many as a reason to reject him.

It seems to the author with Huntsman recently repudiating the Obama Health Care reform, the Economic Stimulus of 2009, stating his opposition to abortion, and asserting he supports the privatization of Medicare proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan, all points that upset the author and led to his statement a few weeks ago denouncing Huntsman’s changes of heart, that he has lost credibility.

And yet, Huntsman could very well bend on these statements, as all politicians do, and is still saying he believes in climate change and global warming, and supports civil unions for gays.

In other words, Huntsman is not preferable to Barack Obama, but among all Republican candidates, he offers the best hope for someone who will be, if elected, acceptable within the mainstream, but with a critical eye on his evolving views.

It is said that Barack Obama is most concerned about Huntsman, and it is clear that Mitt Romney is also very concerned about Huntsman.

Face the facts: Huntsman has the backing of “Establishment” Republicans led by the Bush family, and by implication, Senator John McCain, and Romney is seen as unacceptable to them.

So Huntsman has some major advantages, including in addition, being almost a generation younger then Romney (13 years) and being “newer” as compared to Romney who ran and lost the nomination in 2008, and gained the enmity of both John McCain and Mike Huckabee, his major rivals.

So, the contest may well be Mormon Vs. Mormon, unless the evangelical Christians are able to stop both dead in their tracks, to the detriment of the Republican Party!