Obama Health Care Reform

Ron Paul’s Libertarianism Gone Amuck!

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican Presidential candidate well known for his libertarian views, has come up with a new proposal to resolve the budgetary crisis, and makes it all sound simple, as if anything in government is simple: eliminate FIVE cabinet agencies, end other federal involvement and regulation, and cut back defense spending dramatically! He claims he can cut $1 trillion the first year, and with other proposals, balance the budget in one year!

There is as much chance of all this happening as Ron Paul becoming President on January 20, 2013!

Specifically, Paul calls for the following:

1. Close down the Department of Education, Department of the Interior, Department of Commerce, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Energy.
2. Eliminate the Transportation Security Administration, leading to privatization of airport security.
3. Slash spending for other departments to the level of 2006, and cut the federal work force by 10 percent, and congressional salaries and the President’s salary would also be cut.
4. Immediately end all war spending and bring troops overseas home.
5. Cut most federal regulations and cut taxes further.
6. Give Medicaid administration and responsibility over to the state governments.
7. End taxes on capital gains and dividends completely.
8. Repeal the Obama Health Care plan and the Wall Street regulatory reform program.
9. Conduct a full audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, one of his favorite “whipping boys”.
10. Honor Social Security, Medicare and Veterans benefits programs, but allow younger people to opt out of the programs.

To believe that all of the above could be accomplished, and that it would be good for the nation, is to believe in Santa Claus!

In many respects, this series of ideas are extremely dangerous, extremist, and radical, and some would say looney as well. No serious observer can possibly believe that such a program is doable, advisable, and would pass muster in a Presidential campaign!

But then, Ron Paul is NOT going to be the GOP nominee in any case, so it is just a side issue to look at, laugh at, and dismiss as NOT serious in nature!

Mormon Vs. Mormon: The Real Battle For The Republican Presidential Nomination of 2012!

This morning, at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, at the foot of the Statue of Liberty, former Utah Governor and former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman announced his candidacy for President, and made it clear he wanted to mount a high level campaign without personal attacks, but just arguing that he can do a better job than his former boss, President Barack Obama. He plans to focus on New Hampshire and Florida as the way to gain an early lead in the race against Mitt Romney, his major rival.

Huntsman begins his campaign with many assets: good looks, good speaker, nice family, outstanding record and popularity in Utah when he was Governor of the state, knowledgeable in Mandarin Chinese, great experience in foreign policy in Asia in his role as Ambassador to China and Singapore as well as being a missionary in Taiwan, business background in his billionaire father’s chemical business, and image of being a moderate in a field of extremely conservative opponents except for Mitt Romney, a fellow Mormon.

Huntsman’s negatives are that in a right wing party he is a moderate by comparison; is also seen as very much a clone of Mitt Romney, but with less public exposure; he is, like Romney, a Mormon; and he worked for President Obama, and now wants to criticize him in a gentlemanly manner after having raved about his leadership, and the fact that he worked for Obama is seen by many as a reason to reject him.

It seems to the author with Huntsman recently repudiating the Obama Health Care reform, the Economic Stimulus of 2009, stating his opposition to abortion, and asserting he supports the privatization of Medicare proposed by Congressman Paul Ryan, all points that upset the author and led to his statement a few weeks ago denouncing Huntsman’s changes of heart, that he has lost credibility.

And yet, Huntsman could very well bend on these statements, as all politicians do, and is still saying he believes in climate change and global warming, and supports civil unions for gays.

In other words, Huntsman is not preferable to Barack Obama, but among all Republican candidates, he offers the best hope for someone who will be, if elected, acceptable within the mainstream, but with a critical eye on his evolving views.

It is said that Barack Obama is most concerned about Huntsman, and it is clear that Mitt Romney is also very concerned about Huntsman.

Face the facts: Huntsman has the backing of “Establishment” Republicans led by the Bush family, and by implication, Senator John McCain, and Romney is seen as unacceptable to them.

So Huntsman has some major advantages, including in addition, being almost a generation younger then Romney (13 years) and being “newer” as compared to Romney who ran and lost the nomination in 2008, and gained the enmity of both John McCain and Mike Huckabee, his major rivals.

So, the contest may well be Mormon Vs. Mormon, unless the evangelical Christians are able to stop both dead in their tracks, to the detriment of the Republican Party!