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Jon Huntsman: Winner Of The New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debates!

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman came across in this weekend’s Republican Presidential debates as the winner by far, among all six candidates, particularly in the Sunday NBC debate.

The fact that he was willing to ignore partisanship and serve his country as Ambassador to China under President Barack Obama, which should be seen as a positive, has been attacked by Mitt Romney and others, but Huntsman gave a strong defense of his decision to serve the President of the United States.

Huntsman has moved up in the New Hampshire polls, and has a shot at ending second behind Romney, and if one uses the reaction of the audience at today’s debate, extremely supportive, more than any other candidate, one might wonder if a surprise is in the offing.

The problem is that Jon Huntsman is, in comparison to all other candidates, too centrist and moderate by comparison, but that is what is needed to overcome extreme partisanship and division, as Huntsman himself pointed out.

The real problem, ultimately, is that Jon Huntsman is too smart, too intelligent, too principled, to be the Republican Presidential nominee. He is a person who is NOT a career politician, and has done better serving his country in trade negotiations and in ambassadorships to Singapore and China.

To reject a man who can speak Mandarin and other foreign languages, and is very skilled and talented in more ways than all of his opponents combined, is a sign of just how the Republican Party has declined, a sad chapter in the history of a political party going back to the time of Abraham Lincoln!

The new American Research Group poll just out shows Huntsman with 17 percent, ahead of Ron Paul with 16 percent, with both behind Romney with 40 percent. If Huntsman continues to surge, it may be closer than that on Tuesday, and we know any poll could be wrong, so it will be exciting to watch what happens between now and Tuesday evening.