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The Crisis Of American Education: Inability To Evaluate And Analyze Information

American education is in a major crisis, with the average teenager unable to evaluate and analyze information, part of the success story required as an adult competing in a world economy.

The nation is fraught with danger if this reality is not overcome and soon. How can we have a thriving democracy if much of the population is unable to make good judgments on all kinds of issues, including, but not limited to who should govern them?

Sixty five countries were evaluated on reading, science, and math skills, and American 15 year olds ranked 19th in reading, 22nd in science, and 29th in math!

Asian countries rank at the top, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. European nations, including Finland, Germany, and Poland also scored much better than the United States.

Reading has become a lost art, as young people have demonstrated that their attention spans and concentration powers are weaker than in past generations, a lot due to too much time spent on video games social media, and cell phone trances, and in the process losing valuable time in learning that comes from reading all kinds of materials.

Science is in crisis, as more than ever, people are being influenced by religious fundamentalism, which denies scientific reality, and endangers the future of human existence, in favor of belief in faith over facts.

Math is also a disaster area, as most people cannot do basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages, let alone higher math requirements for society to advance.

Poverty is a major issue, but also the lack of enough days of schooling, with the average American only attending 180 days a year, while in many other nations, especially in Asia, students attend 230 days, a difference of 10 weeks of education annually!

Trying to attract the top talent into teaching is also in crisis, as pay is very low overall in America, and men in particular are not drawn into the profession in any field of study, with the potential to make more in the business world.

Senator Jim DeMint, Teachers, And Sex!

Conservative Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina has called for the banning of gay people and sexually active single women from the profession of teaching! 🙁

Apparently, sexually active heterosexual single men and married men and women who cheat on their mates should have the right to teach, however!

So Senator DeMint wants to tell people they cannot enter a field because of their personal lives in their off time, although he conveniently leaves out the reality of sham marriages and divorces that demonstrate just how much heterosexual men and married couples are engaged in similar behavior to those groups he wants to ban from the profession!

Should we have the right to interfere in the lives of gay people and single women, and treat them as special cases that should not have the same right to private lives that heterosexuals and single men have? 🙁

Is this not a new form of discrimination that is again connected to the religious right which wants to impose its beliefs and narrow minded ideas on all of us? 🙁

What a nerve Jim DeMint has to wish to promote discrimination and take away a person’s right to privacy! 🙁

As long as a teacher at any level performs his or her profession in a proper way, his or her private life should be off limits to any intervention by Senator DeMint or anyone else!