Republican Presidential Debate

Pitiful Second Republican Presidential Debate

Watching last night’s second Republican Presidential debate on the Fox Business Channel was a pure exercise in futility, as it clearly was a pitiful scene of candidates talking over each other and ignoring the moderators.

Chris Christie called Donald Trump “Donald Duck”, for refusing to participate, one of the rare funny moments.

Watching Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis was difficult, as both continued to come across as arrogant, nasty, unpleasant personalities, and both oriented toward Fascism, with DeSantis claiming he would do so much on “Day One”! 🙁

Tim Scott was really weak and ineffective, and Mike Pence’s highlight moment was stating he has slept with the same woman, his wife, for 38 years, a cringy moment from a candidate who is truly someone who showed no courage or principle under Donald Trump, except after former Vice President Dan Quayle, of all people, told Pence that all he had to do was count the electoral votes on January 6, 2021! 🙁

Doug Burgum was more aggressive, but has zero chance of moving forward, while Nikki Haley stood out mostly for showing more intelligence and personality than any of the men, but to believe she will be the Republican Presidential nominee requires a sense of delusion!

Clearly, the Republican Party of Lincoln, TR, Ike, and Reagan is dead!

Mike Pence And Chris Christie Enter The Presidential Race

Between yesterday and today, two more contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination have announced their candidacies to challenge former President Donald Trump.

Former Vice President Mike Pence and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have very little opportunity, as the situation stands at the moment, to be successful in their quest for the Presidency.

Pence will be on a CNN Town Hall tonight, and Christie is well known for having ability to speak up and gain interviews without any issues.

Christie will be the most critical of any Republican candidate, but Pence is expected to avoid much criticism of his former boss, wishing not to alienate MAGA supporters.

If anything, Christie might have more credibility than Pence, who comes across as very weak and unwilling to emphasize how his life was in danger on January 6.

But with the Republican Party demanding all participants in the first Republican debate on Fox News Channel on Wednesday August 23 to take an oath to support the party nominee, Christie might not be eligible to participate in party debates.

Mike Pence is trying to use evangelical Christians in Iowa to promote his candidacy, while Chris Christie is appealing to New Hampshire as his location to advance his candidacy.

First Republican Presidential Debate On Wednesday August 23 In Milwaukee

The first Republican Presidential debate is set for Wednesday August 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the Republican National Convention will be held from July 15-18, 2024.

Wisconsin was the birthplace of the Republican Party in 1854 at Ripon, and the 170th anniversary of the party’s founding will be a moment of decision as to the future of the party that once had such luminaries as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan as its standard-bearers.

Whether Donald Trump will continue to dominate the Republican Party will determine if the party is on its last legs, meaning doomed to distinction.

Can Tim Scott, Chris Christie, or Chris Sununu save the party and its future, as they seem to be the “best” of a bad lot of potential nominees, but if they and others must follow through on a loyalty oath to back whoever the party nominee is, then the party is doomed!

Donald Trump Is An Ignoramus On Public Issues, And Refusal To Debate Should Eliminate Him From Presidential Race!

Donald Trump is a demagogue, buffoon, jerk, and a coward!

He is also an ignoramus, promising to make everything better, but giving absolutely no details!  He has no clue as to how diplomacy works, or how to deal with Congress and the news media!

He has no knowledge, no background, no depth, no diplomatic skills, and is only focused on his own narcissism.  He is a bully and a braggart who needs comeuppance!

Donald Trump is a danger to American democracy and the Constitution, as he struts like Benito Mussolini; promotes racism and nativism and scapegoating of whole populations of particular ethnic and religious groups; and is backed by the most extreme right wing fanatics and hate groups that exist in this nation!

Trump also praises the leadership skills of dictators, including Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia as “models” to admire, making Trump dangerous as a sociopath!

Only those in public life who are “lowlifes” back him, as no decent person would consider putting a person with his lack of any experience in governing, in charge of the military and nuclear weapons!

This man has led an immoral, unethical life, with four bankruptcies and scandal all around him, and he and his wife would damage the image of the President and the First Lady and proper public behavior!

His refusal to debate in tonight’s seventh Republican Presidential debate in Iowa, due to his distaste for Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, should disqualify him from the Presidency, as it is a hint that he might decide to forego Presidential debates in the fall, and that is something that is totally unacceptable!

Donald Trump should resign from the race if he does not show up tonight at the GOP debate, clear and simple!

If not, the voters, starting next week, should visit their repudiation of this narcissistic moron on him, and send him back to his real estate business pronto!

The Fox News Channel-Google Republican Debate: More Of The Same!

The third Republican debate in two weeks in Orlando, Florida, witnessed no surprises, as Rick Perry and Mitt Romney remained the clear front runners, but it seemed to the author that Romney may have made some headway and gained on Perry, as a result of Romney’s strong responses to various Perry challenges, and Perry’s seeming inability to look directly at Romney while speaking!

The race still seems to be primarily between those two men, but again Jon Huntsman gave some strong answers, and his sudden surge in New Hampshire to third place in percentage of poll support behind Romney and Perry makes him someone worth watching. It was clear to the author of this blog that Huntsman is, in many ways, the most interesting candidate in the race, someone to watch!

The only other candidate who came across strongly was Newt Gingrich, who is obviously very smart and knowledgeable. If that were all that could be said about Gingrich, he would be in good stead, but his own shortcomings and ethical and moral lapses weaken him as a candidate, while making one realize that in pure intellect, he is at the top of the list!

Rick Santorum came across as worse just by his stated desire to reverse “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, adding to his “gay” problem which has dogged him all along, and led to his name becoming a synonym for a sex act, all due to his own fault and total obsession with homosexuality.

Michele Bachmann was more on the offensive against Perry, the person who has most weakened her since he entered the race over a month ago, but did not seem to gain at all in her quest to be taken seriously again. And her suggestion that Americans should not have to pay taxes, keep all their money, was totally ridiculous!

Ron Paul came across as what he is, a libertarian, but despite polls, cannot be seen as having a real shot at the nomination of a party which dislikes much of what he believes in.

Herman Cain gained sympathy over the revelation that he had survived for five years since having stage 4 colon and liver cancer, but quite frankly, made one wonder about the wisdom of a person running for President with such a medical past. The miracle of five years survival is wonderful, but makes one worry whether he would survive long enough to serve a full presidential term.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, first time in the presidential debate, offered humor with some answers, but his strict libertarianism, competing with Ron Paul, came across as more whacky than even Paul, and is a minor figure in the race, good for libertarians, but enough to convince anyone that libertarianism is not where America should be heading!

So again, in conclusion, Romney gained, Perry may have lost some traction, and Huntsman seemed stronger and someone not to be disregarded.

No one made an impression that would make one want to say goodbye to Barack Obama in the White House!