Flag Day

No Donald Trump Highway, Library, Holiday, Or Any Other Honor!

The Crazy season has begun, now that Authoritarian Fascist Donald Trump, who provoked the US Capitol Insurrection on January 6, 2021, is thankfully out of office, and not the constant news item he was five plus years after he announced his Presidential campaign in June 2015.

So now in Florida there is a proposal to name the US 27 Highway, Donald Trump Highway, and to have a Donald Trump Presidential Library in Palm Beach County, where Mar A Lago, his resort, is located.

Also, in Ohio, there is a proposal to make Trump’s Birthday, June 14, which is already Flag Day, a state holiday in his honor.

All of these preposterous ideas should be vetoed, and a Presidential Library and Museum for a criminal, responsible for promoting so much harm and damage, is an outrage!

Any documented material of the Donald Trump Presidency should be owned by the US Government, and none of it should be made available in any way, particularly national security matters, to the former President or his family members!

We need the truth, the unvarnished truth about this monster, to come out, not a landmark established to “worship” him as if he was a God!

One must understand, it is one thing to name places, buildings, holidays, after our greatest public leaders, so to have honors for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan, and others is fine.

But do we name places, buildings, holidays after Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover, or Richard Nixon?

The answer is obvious!

Flag Day And Six Month Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre

Today is Flag Day, when we honor our flag, and appreciate what the flag represents: freedom, democracy, and the greatness of our nation, and its history of supporting freedom and democracy around the world.

But it is also the six month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre in Connecticut, and the realization that NOTHING has been done to deal with the level of gun violence in this nation, not even a thorough background check being able to make it through the US Senate, due to the tactic of the filibuster, preventing a vote, even though a majority want such legislation.

It is unconscionable that we have had 14 massacres of multiple numbers of people since December 14, and that a few thousand people have been murdered in the past six months, not including those who have committed suicide by gun.

How can a democracy which represents such hope and faith in the future allow this level of violence to continue, and to be more concerned about the right to own firearms over the mass loss of life caused by unstable people who have no problem gaining access to firearms, and causing such widespread death and suffering?

We are the most violent society in the Western world, and we should hang our heads in shame that we are powerless in the midst of this violence!