Education Funding

Wisconsin Recall Petitions On Governor Scott Walker: A Sign Of True Democracy!

The movement to recall Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who forced through cutbacks in state funding of education, and declared war on state government workers and labor rights last year in his first year in office, has led to more than one million people signing petitions for his recall, almost double the number needed to set up a recall election.

Never before have so many people in any state signed petitions for a recall vote for anyone, and only two governors in the history of the United States have been successfully recalled, but this threat to Scott Walker is real!

If the signatures are proved legitimate, at least half of them, then an election will be held in late spring or early summer, with recalls of the Lieutenant Governor and several Republican State Senators also in play.

This is a great moment of democracy, and shows that the Republicans are in danger, not only in Wisconsin, but other states that have “Bully Governors”, who have run rampant over taxpayers and workers. It is an assault on the Tea Party Movement as well, and on the power of the Koch brothers and other wealthy right wingers who think their money and the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court two years ago will be able to destroy democracy in America.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement and progressives all over the nation will fight to restore decency and humanity to politics, and the Republican Party will suffer in state after state, as well as nationally, as the people rise up against the injustices perpetrated on the middle class and the poor.

This is a moment of great triumph, but the battle has only begun, and must come in Florida with Rick Scott, Ohio with John Kasich, Michigan with Rick Snyder, and Maine with Paul LePage, and some other states as well!

“Bully”Governor Chris Christie Gets Whacked By New Jersey Supreme Court On Education Funding For Poor Districts!

New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie, the original “Bully” Governor, received a major rebuke from the New Jersey State Supreme Court yesterday, when they ruled that the state had to provide $500 million extra funds to the state’s poorest school districts.

Christie had argued that throwing extra money into the poorest school districts would not work, but he conceded that he would comply with the court decision, and that it was up to the state legislature to figure out how to fund those districts, which means likely raising of taxes, although Christie did not say how he would react to such an event.

In any case, the glamour surrounding Christie will now diminish, although many Republicans are clamoring for him to enter the Presidential race, despite his lack of any significant accomplishments except declaring war on education and teachers in New Jersey.

This court decision should have the effect of trimming his sails, as he is clearly NOT the answer for the country, with his lack of tact, diplomacy, and human compassion, and his favoring of the rich and powerful over those less fortunate!